Trick or Treat - Take 1

I was never really THAT into dressing up for Halloween.  Take or leave it I guess...I mean, I have a lot of stuff to do.  Coming up with creative Halloween costumes is just not a top priority.

(Homemade 80's aerobic instructor costume - 2007)

Okay, so we're pretty big into Halloween around here!!  I love making a costume from scratch.  There is something very exciting to me about raiding the local Goodwill and creating a masterpiece (see picture above).  The legwarmers are made out of $0.50 red sweatpants I cut up and stapled together at work!!  I didn't have access to a sewing machine. 

It all started when Jason and I were at Franciscan.  We arrived back at our dorm after the worst day EVER to find a huge Halloween party going on.  I was a little deflated after our exhausting day (getting lost in the PA woods, robbed, etc.) and I could not muster up the strength to come up with a creative costume.  I put on some comfortable clothes, took a breather in my dorm room for a few minutes, and I arrive down to the common room to see my date.. dressed as a hobo...talking about needing some money for some crack rocks.  He was hysterical.

After taking note that Jason was not the kind of guy who was "too cool" for dressing up, I was really excited about our future.

Fast-forward a couple years and I'm a few weeks pregnant with Leo.  We hosted a small Halloween party at our apartment with just a few friends.  We also walked to the local brewery and were the ONLY ones dressed up.  Awesome. 

I left my mark on the walls, door handles and chairs that night.  (My mom sewed the whole Smurfette costume out of white felt.  I was dead wrong on the measurements and the dress was entirely too short!!)

After a few years of wildly uncomfortable costumes, I was determined to find a costume that would be comfortable for the evening. 

Cue Publisher's Clearing House Sweepstakes Winner!

I thought our costume was pretty amazing, until I saw my little brother...
Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice!!!!

Only to be outdone by Dr. Evil and Mini Me

Everyone always remarked about how Jason and Leo looked identical.  This costume was just too easy :)

I know I know... can it even get better than that???  I took a poll on Facebook last year and a friend suggested that Leo looks just like Popeye. 

Last year, I was too pregnant, tired and lazy to come up with costumes for Jason and I.  We have a party to go to this year and I want to win.  Stay tuned for pictures from our couples costume :)


  1. You guys are AWESOME!!!! We go to a family costume party every year, and last year I was totally rockin' Octomom. But this year, I have no clue what to wear - help!

  2. This site is the most inspirational for homemade costumes!! Check it out for ideas

    If you are stumped - do Publishers Clearing House with your husband! It's so fun and super easy!


  4. LOVE the publisher's clearing house one.

  5. The huge check made me laugh, especially the scribbly handwriting. Since childhood, I trick-or-treated in our neighborhood with the costumes sewn by my mother, but now, I am the one who sew my own costume, with the help of my bros, we go around the neighborhood with our front lace wigs to pose as evangelists and spread the joys of trick-of-treating. Every year that passed, we create new gimmicks that proves my human hair wigs very useful.


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