About us

Jason and I met in 2004 at Franciscan University.  I was scheduled to attend the semester abroad program in January and thought for sure I would never see him again, so why bother dating him.  But a few weeks after we met, he told me he would be attending the semester abroad as well and that was the beginning of a beautiful relationship!!  

We got married on June 16, 2008
"4 Years Ago Today"

Welcomed Leo on June 18, 2009
Leo's Birth Story

Elena arrived 20 months later on February 22, 2010
Elena's Birth Story

And then welcomed Roman to the family exactly 2 years later on February 15, 2012

And most recently, we welcomed Bridget on July 6, 2014!!

We moved from Maryland to Tyler, Texas in the fall of 2012 and then moved just outside Nashville, Tennessee for Jason's new job at Aquinas College! I work as a virtual assistant through my business Virtual Desk Assistant.

I'm kind of a hippie and make everything from scratch when possible, including sunscreen!!! But I spend most of my time cooking and baking and reporting back to you all the delicious food I make. 

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