4 years ago today...

Exactly 4 years ago today...

...There was a little of this...

...And a little of that!

Jason and I are celebrating our 4th wedding anniversary.

I paid $6,000 out of pocket for our fantastic day and we had absolutely no debt after!  (Although my mom paid for the dress and we had many other gifts - like my bouquet!!) 

Here are a couple of my absolute favorite photos of the day:

As we were starting to take some photos outside, all our family and guests began to make their way across the gravel parking lot to the Church Hall for the reception.

As they made their way, a huge group stopped along the way to say congratulations to us.  Our photographer told them to stand together and smile - And one of my favorite photos was born! 

Mom helped me fix my hair before the photos started of course :)

One of the highlights of the wedding was our Cowboy Boot Mug.  There was no other option.  The only drinking cup available was this Cowboy Boot Mug!

The only thing that made it better was three huge kegs of homebrew from our local brewery!!

Our cakes were pheNOMENAL!!  (Thanks to Margie at ArtisticCakeCreations.com!!)

(He's wiping my mouth with a napkin to make sure I'm all purty)

Our first dance took forever and it looked like so much fun the littlest guests came to join us :)

And later the bigger guests joined!

Happy Anniversary Love!!

Oh - And three years ago today...

(That was the only half-decent photo I could find of that last week of pregnancy.  If I ever feel gutsy enough, one day I'll post the photo that I email to all my friends when they tell me all about how fat they are now that they're pregnant, or how big their butt got in the 9th month... They *think* they are sooooo big then they see my photo...well - they feel a little better.  So, if you are pregnant and need a morale booster, let me know.  I'll send you my photo!)

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