Bed Head and Apple Cider Vinegar

I'm at the point now where I have sooo much to blog about I don't know where to start? 



Leo and Elena?


Jason's parents have been in town for the last week so we have been quite distracted.  It has been an absolute blast and I don't even know where to start!

So this post will be about hair.  My hair and Elena's hair.  I used to hate my hair.  It was wild, frizzy and unmanageable.  My friend and I used to own the phrase "Greasy = Beautiful" because the greasier our hair was, the more manageable it was.  Can you believe we didn't have boyfriends? neither. 

I just found this picture Jason took of Elena and me.  This is minutes after I woke up, before I showered or brushed my hair.  I slept in until 9 am so Elena came for a big hug.  She loves me :)

Not too shabby for a big case of bed head!  I just started using apple cider vinegar as my conditioner.  Before I hop in the shower, I put a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar with about 2 tablespoons of cold water in a cup.  Then I just pour that through my hair when I'm about to get out and give it a really quick rinse and squeeze.  I've been doing it for a month, my family thinks I'm crazy and my hip nieces think I'm disgusting.  But I love it.  It's so cheap!!!  I wanted to test it thoroughly before advising it.  But now I'm sold!  I'm not sure how much more granola crunchy I'm going to get but the more I try, the more I love!!

And speaking of bed head...

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