Trick or Treat: Take 3 - Then I'll huff! And I'll puff!

Jason and I went to a Halloween party last night.  We were able to showcase our costume idea.  A whopping two people got it from the start.  Most of the other party-goers needed a lengthy explanation of who we were.  At first, I thought it was an age thing.  Maybe the people at the party were too young to remember the movie scene that well.  But then a 25 year old walked in and said "Hey!  You guys are from The Shining!"

Here is the movie clip Jason and I mimicked.


Right after we got married, Jason walked around with his hair still wet and slicked back a little.  I realized he looked exactly like Jack Nicholson.  I swore I would force him to dress up as Jack but never got around to it!  This year, I didn't have time to come up with a costume for me, so I just played Shelly Duvall.

I bought the clothes for our costumes at goodwill (my pajama bottoms, turtleneck and Jason's flannel shirt).  I bought this $3.00 sword at Party City. 

After Jason took his Dremel tool to it, it looked like this.

I made Jason's axe with a Ritz box and the tubing from Leo's leafblower.

Jason took a piece of cardboard from a box and cut a hole and painted it white to make it look like a door. 

Our costume has also been added to my absolute favorite costume website!  Coolest Homemade

But let me tell you about the all-time best costume, not just of the night, but that I've EVER seen.  But first, a quick background.  The hosts of the party were Michelle and Richard (the Scot).  They look like this:

Last night they looked a little different (Richard's costume is extra-hilarious because he's Scottish).  Michelle was a wisdom tooth and her costume was homemade!  Love it!

And now, for the best costume of the night.  Their friends dressed up as Richard and Michelle complete with the masks.

They look a little scary in photos, but in real life, these masks were a riot.  And eerily life-like!!  Well done you two.  You deserved 1st place.


  1. Love it!!! Thanks for coming over last night! Love the Ritz box axe!!!

  2. the shinning is the scariest movie ever. i can't watch that movie! very creative.

  3. Your costumes are absolutely hilarious! Wyatt and I both got a kick out of them. You are a genius.


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