Momo's and Wackers

Take your best guess as to what Leo is occupied with :)

About once a week in the summer and twice a month in the fall, the landscapers come around with their bigger-than-life lawnmowers, weedwackers, and leaf blowers.  This is, without a doubt, what Leo lives for.  He cannot get enough of the "momo's" (lawnmowers...or motorcycles.  You have to be alert to your surroundings in order to decipher!)

Well, these guys came around, 

And Leo got right to work helping them blow the leaves. 

(The red and white ball popper is Leo's very own lawnmower.  I am busy pushing it.  Leo won't let me put it down.  He takes his work very seriously.) 



  1. Umm... I think your son might be the all-time cutest thing on earth.

  2. Thanks Michelle - He makes my job very easy :)

  3. What a hard worker, and I love the Skins sweatshirt :)


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