The beginning of it all

I am extremely new to the blogging world and I started this blog with the basic template.  Through my blog travels I noticed that many blogs have their own personalized banner at the top that is unique to their blog.  So, I set to work making one just for our blog.

The story behind the main blog photo for All things Gale is pretty cool.  It is a photo from the first couple minutes of our very first date.  Jason and I attended Franciscan University in Ohio together and a few weeks after we met he and his two best friends invited me to go hiking with them.  His two friends were teasing us that this was our first date of many (we hoped).  After a couple hours of walking around, we got very VERY lost in the mountains of Pennsylvania, we were shot at by deer hunters, a rock was thrown through the car window and our wallets were stolen.  The day just got weirder and weirder with a Halloween party at our dorm and a trip to the local bar with a bunch of rowdy women bikers.  

Looking back, I am so glad that his two friends joined us for our first "date" because we now have some great photo memories of the weirdest day ever.

This is us at the beginning of the date:

 And here we are after the hike...
(I'm biting my lip to keep from laughing.  Jason is a much better actor.)

After seeing how the other dealt with stress, we knew we were a match made in heaven.


  1. Apparently I missed this post when you first put it up. That sounds like both a wonderful and horrible day. Great pictures!

  2. Thanks! I wouldn't want it any other way. Since we didn't know each other very well, we were both on our best behavior and only saw the silver lining. :)


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