Warning: Do not attempt if you are pregnant

Seriously - I am saving you a bottle of Tums.  Do not attempt to make/taste or even alter this recipe.  You will die a long, slow death of heartburn.  If you decide to disregard my advice, and find yourself dying a long and slow death at 3 am, do not curse my name.  Consider yourself warned.

I had a disastrous Pizza Pasta night last night.  I added the eggplant we received from our CSA to give it a veggie.  I always throw a veggie in the dinner and it never ruins it.  I googled eggplant and was instructed to "sweat" the bitterness out of the eggplant.  I also read that smaller eggplant skins are edible.  Fully believing that everything I read on the Internet is true, I followed the instructions.  I left the eggplant to "sweat" for a half-hour, rinsed, sauteed and then added to the Pizza Pasta to bake.  It...was...gross...  I love veggies, but this was just not good.  So, to make up for last night, I endeavored to make something appealing on all levels.

Jason found a "Buy one get one free" deal on Hillshire Farm (*GO MEAT*) Sausage.  I do not buy sausage.  If he wants it, he must purchase it.  Now that it is in my fridge, I decided to cook it tonight as a peace offering for the yucky meal last night.  I decided to go straight to the source: http://www.gomeat.com/recipes.  (Getting a recipe off a web address like "gomeat.com" is a sure-fire way to make a Texan husband very happy!)

I didn't have any Hash Browns in a Bag, but I did have 3 small potatoes and a few sweet potatoes from our CSA so I got to "hashing"!

The recipe also called for an onion...which I did not have.  So, I sauteed a red onion in a 1/2 tbsp of butter and I have to admit - it kind of made the dish!  

I chopped up the ginormous sausage link (is it just me or is this WAY too much sausage for one dish?!).

Added 2 cups of cheese and 1 cup of sour cream, a dash of onion powder and some black pepper.  I may or may not have drizzled some melted butter over it...maybe......

And here we have our masterpiece!  Quite the festive dish, aye?

There is no "healthy" way to cook a huge sausage link.  So, when you can't beat 'em, join 'em.  I paired this dinner with ridiculously lard-laden biscuits a la Pillsbury (I dare you to try and say that sentence without your most boisterous french accent!!!).

I can tell Jason liked it because as he helped himself to 2nds, he announced he will be cooking up eggs in the morning, with this sausage casserole as the side dish :)


  1. Just buy turkey kielbasa - much leaner!! That looks great :)

  2. hmmm - I may have to use that sausage sitting in my freezer this week, because that looks good!


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