Num Num El?? Yummy??

Leo call her "El".  Sometimes just "L".  Occasionally, he'll bust out with "Lena" but mostly just "El". 

I put together some food for Elena - Oatmeal with some fruit concoction by Gerber.  Leo was very excited that "El" was going to eat baby food and insisted on helping. 

The photos speak for themselves:


  1. Oh my gosh this is cute! My son has that same shirt! I'm wondering if he liked the food he tasted?

    Thanks for stopping by my bog and commenting!


  2. He LOVED it!! For every bite he gave her, he took a bite!!!

    This shirt is a staple in our house - it's the best :)

  3. Haha! So cute! And I love the shirt too :)

  4. Ha! The two last pictures are my favorite. Such a helpful big brother he is.

  5. it!

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