My Aldi Savings!

I recently heard good things about a store called Aldi.  I vaguely remembered seeing Aldi's scattered throughout Europe during my travels in College.  But I had not yet tried shopping there because you can't use coupons! 

Well, there are a few items on my list that I have been wanting to purchase but I haven't come up on any matching coupons for them yet!  So I decided to try my luck at Aldi.  I purchased the following:

$3.99 - 10 lb bag of potatoes
$2.49 - 3 lb bag of white onions
$1.78 - 2 bags of mini-marshmallows (for Rice Krispie treats!!)
$1.58 - 5 lb bag of All Purpose Flour
$1.39 - 6 oz Dried Cranberries (For this awesome side dish and I added a sauteed red onion)
$1.39 - Trail Mix
$1.99 - 6 oz bottle of Steak Seasoning

I spent $14.31 in total everything.  I wasn't sure if my trip was worth it for everything, so I went to Giant Food and did online shopping to see what the total SHOULD have been at a regular grocery store.

It should have come out to $29.56!!  That's a savings of $15.25! 

So - if you're not afraid to buy generic brands, take a trip over to your local Aldi and see what steals you can find!!  It's definitely worth an extra trip :)


  1. You have a new blog award at Mom-a-Logues.


  2. Our Aldi is pretty new around here (less than a year) but I already make it part of my "round robin" grocery shopping. Some of their products you just can't beat-generic or not! They usually have pretty good fruit & dairy prices. For example, right now milk at Aldi is $1.19/gallon; eggs are $.59/dozen; I've found whole canteloupes, pineapples or a pound of strawberries for $1 each. And, real butter is less than $2/pound. Great deals!

  3. I totally forgot to check out butter!! I'm going to have to go back. It was such a pleasant shopping trip! I was surprised how much I liked it :) And $.59 for a dozen eggs??? Awesome!!


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