Last year, a friend of mine asked me to join Groupon with her.  She said she would get $10 in Groupon bucks if I bought something and she really wanted something in particular, so I went ahead and signed up!  She lives in Texas and looks at the daily Dallas Groupon deals and I check out Washington, DC daily deals.  The site is laid out much like Craigslist but a lot more user friendly.

I had been ignorning Groupon over the last year until recently!  In August, Groupon launched a nationwide deal with Gap.  You pay $25 for $50 in spending cash to Gap!  Okay, they got my attention again.  This deal was huge and it turns out a LOT of people cashed in on the $25 Gap deal!  I didn't actually get this deal.  I had just bought a bunch of clothes and didn't feel like spending money.

Last week though, Jason and I cashed in on our first Groupon deal!  We paid $20 for $50 in spending cash to a company called Brighter Beginnings.  We each bought a deal which means we paid a total of $40 for Christmas but we're going to get $100 worth of spending cash to this store.  That's a pretty sweet Christmas for the kids this year (and maybe even next if we shop right)!!

A lot of the deals on Groupon are for swanky young singles with expendable cash in the District, but I'm holding out for another Gap deal hopefully soon!!

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  1. My pal and I used it this week for tickets to a theatre event. Cool stuff indeed.


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