Meet: "The Competition"

I heard screaming.  I turn the corner to see this:
Elena!!  Why so violent?!

Well, let's go back a little.  Elena and Leo are best friends.



He shares his delicious food with her

He includes her in his arts and crafts

He reads books to her

They are the dynamic duo.  So when she met up with "The Competition" today, she felt quite threatened.  This time last year, it seems the position of "Best Friend" was already taken. 

When we found out I was having a girl, I bought a $0.50 doll for Leo at a yard sale so we could teach him how to treat babies.  This doll served her purpose and has since been long-forgotten by Leo.  He absolutely loved this doll. 

Elena just isn't that impressed with her.


  1. Lisa - forget the doll - that baby of yours is standing free in that photo! She's getting big so quickly!

  2. Haha!! I didn't even notice that! She's getting very strong and can balance for 1 second...that's it :) It all happens so fast - I love it!


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