Strong Man Band

KT Tunstall is my hero.  I thought this was one of the coolest things I have ever seen.

Leo loves music and I encourage him to play lots of different instruments (well..the cheap ones anyway).  After witnessing KT Tunstall rock out all by herself I realized the world is Leo's oyster.  Tunstall's little doo-dad that she records individual sounds replaces the one-man band on the back!!  Not that I would mind if Leo's vocation in life were to be a one-man band.  Who am I to question why God put him on this earth??
So, here's what we have so far.  The lead guitar:

The bassist:

The drummer:

All good Canadian bands have a fiddler - it's a Nova Scotian requirement!

With a maraca shaker like this, we may not even NEED more cowbell!!

And of course, the charismatic front-man, who might even be completely tone-deaf, but no one cares because the girls just love him.

We're still trying to come up with a fully marketable name.  Suggestions welcome.

Allow me to introduce - the Strong Man Band!!!


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