Theme Thursday - Grow!

This week's theme: Grow!

This little basil plant I picked up for $5.00 in a tin can.  You water it and let it grow.  I lost it, forgot about it, and then mentioned it to Jason the other day.  We finally found it hiding in the backyard and it had sprouted!!  I expect big things from this basil plant.  I live on caprese in the summer and can't afford it anymore because the basil is too expensive to buy in those $5 packets that only last me one lunch.

So this will be my bread and butter: 

I'm going to make lots of raw milk mozzarella to go with this even if it is saddest ratio ever.

Look what we found hiding in the corner!!

Then, while I was in the backyard snapping a few photos, I realized I haven't shared my favorite thing ever: The neighbor's backyard:

We live right across the street from the richest people on the block.  They own the local internet/cable provider.  And in their huge backyard, in between the greenhouse and the pool is this:

Just seeing it every day makes me happy.  I keep expecting some big-toothed Brit to pop his head over the fence and bid me a "S'appening??"  I'm sure it will never happen, but the possibility still makes me happy to live here.  

Never say never, right?

Now, go visit Cari to see the rest of the submissions!!


  1. AAAAH!!! I FORGOT YOUR PICTURE! I'm so so so sorry!

  2. *sigh* Hugh. Hi Hugh. I love you.

  3. Love the back yard telephone thing! Really stands out though!
    You have a beautiful 3yr old daughter. Her blue eyes are like wow!
    I have a 3yr old also!!!!

    Those walls of mine are logs!
    so you will need to cut down some trees and make a wall
    the hard way! Happy cutting husband!

    thanks for the compliments

  4. Pool and greenhouse and strange telephone booth? Well, that's just fancy.

    (your pictures are gorgeous!)


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