Potty Training made simple

This little beauty:

is potty-trained!!!!!!!!

She turned 3 in February and I was so nervous to try and potty-train her after the complete and utter failure of Leo, I sincerely thought I would just skip this major milestone...

But reason prevailed, and we happened to have all the treats on-hand after Easter, so I thought I would suck it up and try to improve my batting average.  (Just for reference I was at a negative 2,304,592).  I used chocolate, the iPad mini, oreos and the promise of a trip to the Zoo.

In true Elena form, it took only a matter of hours to potty-train her.  She is 100% successful. 

I am already laughing at how easy this one was.  

If only my wiser self could yell for my idiot self to wait until Leo was older to start trying!!!

The best part of this is watching her practice moving around without the bulky cloth diapers.

Time will tell if we nailed it.  Potty-training Leo (*too early*) was just the worst experience.  It took a year and half and lots of TLC to correct him.  I doubted all of my mothering skills and instincts in that year+...

And Roman helps me make sure she doesn't pass out and have an accident on my couch.  

This parenting stuff is EASY!!!

And look who gets his choice of any color diaper now that they are all his!!!


  1. Yay.!!! Come train Clare!!!!

  2. How did you do it?!?! I'm waiting for P to be closer to 3 as well

  3. Amazing!!! Congrats to you and Elena! Half as many diapers to wash! (Or twice as much time between washing?) :-)

  4. Training the boys was a nightmare-- the girls mostly potty trained themselves. They just want to be clean, the boys could care less.
    good job elena!

  5. Way to go!! That is no small task. I have despised potty training since my first two took for-ev-er and they have a stubborn streak that I could not budge. Gianna started acting interested just before she turned two, but now she is hit or miss. I promised myself after the first two I'd never push any other of my children, but I was hopefully optimistic when G was interested. Now that she's not so much, I've backed off and taking her lead.

    Of course, it doesn't help with friends of mine have their younger children all potty trained and give such rave reviews. That's when the mommy jealousy pops up, that's for sure.

  6. Go El! What size does she wear? You know we have to keep up the awkward yeah-you-are-potty-trained-undie-gift tradition!

    Roman, you're getting a purple T-shirt. ;)


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