Happy Thanksgiving from the Gales

Even thought it's a festive 77 degrees here in Texas, we continue to collect free wood from craigslist.  And a bonus - stacking wood is a chore the kids can do.  So I can sit back and sip my ice cold margarita while they work - to cool me off.

They did such a good job that I started to envision a beautiful Merry Christmas card with perfectly cut wood as the backdrop.  

It must have been the margarita(s) speaking to me.   This was so clearly not a good idea.

So we just scrapped this photo op idea and moving things indoors.

I thought it would be equally as nice to have a beautiful Christmas photo in front of the crackling fireplace!  But zero camera skills + fire + children = Pfffffftttttt

Nothing puts the Merry in Merry Christmas like that face:

When they finally gave me something good enough to work with:

I rewarded them with a photo shoot of their choosing:

May your bellies be full and your families close.  


  1. Love the outtakes! I gave up this year and am using a professional photo we had taken back in April...

  2. My mom has a wood burning fireplace too and one of the kids chores is to stack wood every few weeks over there. Of course this is a lot harder in below freezing temperatures here...lol. But, they like it and they get paid by grandma ;)

  3. Your pictures are awesome! Happy Thanksgiving Gale family!!

  4. Free firewood on Craigslist??? It never occurred to me! I think you should send out the couch leaping picture, tell it like it really is.


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