Well if your friend jumps off a cliff...

I have such a strong desire to "fit in" with the cool kids.  So desperate for acceptance, I embarked on the most ridiculous challenge ever.  Just because the cool kid asked.  It's not like I have anything to do all day anyway...

I was invited to join a Jesse Tree ornament swap.  Nevermind that I didn't even know what a Jesse Tree was.  The cool kid asked. So I said yes.

The only requirement was to craft an ornament 28 times and ship it to Jessica's house by November 28th.  I glanced at the blogpost and the words "Sword and Anvil" kept jumping out at me.  So I picked Isaiah 6:1-8.  But I still have no clue what it means.  I have been so busy that I haven't really had a chance to look up what a Jesse Tree is or how it works.  

So, in the mix of a little of this:
Lacto-fermented cranberry chutney - Tastes like apple pie!!

Clone of a Cinnabon

and a little of that:
Corn Casserole (minus the cheese)

Butternut Squash Tart
 a little of this:

and a little more of that:
Buttermilk Pie

During the 2 hour drive to our Thanksgiving Feast with family.  But certainly not during the feast!!  Which was decadent, delicious, and slap yo momma good (many thanks to my sister-in-law Julie!!)

check out her foot!!!

and then again on the 2 hour drive back from our Thanksgiving feast and during our 2 day visit with Granny and Papa...

and even after Jessica announced we needed to make 32 now instead of the original 28.  (28 sounded completely manageable.  32????  That's just insanity!!!) 

I searched the web and found this awesome pattern for a crochet sword.

 And since I really have no idea what I'm doing, I interpreted the directions. I made up my own pattern for the anvil loosely based on the sword pattern.

And somehow finished 32 of each without crying.  

And even though I'm a sucker for homemade hand-crafted items, would I do it again?  

Probably...I have issues.

By the way- if you need some cool gifts here are two awesome companies I have to plug:

The first is Come Together Trading based out of Texas:

I just stopped in their shop yesterday morning and love it.  But they are also a web-based business and you can order their fair trade items from Africa, India, South America, etc.  After having had a chance to walk through their store, I am beyond in love with everything.  They have beautiful hand-crafted ornaments, home decor, purses, scarves, etc.  If you have girls to shop for, consider some of their bracelets or necklaces.  They are really so beautiful.

Check out these Handmade Ugandan Sseko Sandals 

Or these hand-crafted Mortar and Pestle's

Or these adorable Peruvian Noah's Ark finger puppets!!

Come Together's Facebook page

The second company is owned and run by a close and awesome friend of mine.  Alison is based out of Denver and started her own company Camino Coffee:


The coffee is fair-trade and is all hand-roasted by Alison.  I ordered a pound and I am in love.  The smell is beyond amazing!!!!

Camino Coffee Facebook Page

Please consider supporting either of these two small businesses for Christmas!!!  I may not be as influential as some of the cool kids, but these purchases do not require jumping off a cliff :)


  1. Wow. You crafty people are from another planet. And I'm in awe.

  2. By the way, I cannot stop eating your chutney. Neither can Ramona. It puts the curl in our hair. :)

  3. you're insane. seriously. i cant think of taking that on right now and i dont have 3 kids and a new home

  4. i think i just had a panic attack on your behalf ;) just u know, so u know

  5. I referred to our assistants to the bishop in the ELCA as minions and one of my Confirmation kids (who is like my adopted little sister) cried out, "I want minions!!!!!!"

    That Facebook convo cracked me up!

    Much crocheting love. I have an ornament swap for church next week and am crocheting snowflakes because a.) I can't sew and b.) I do not want to add to the massive trade gap between China and the U.S. (nor do I want to support a repressive regime with human rights abuses and forced abortions).

  6. I cannot believe you finished! I thought for SURE you were going to travel down the lazy road with me and my felt blobs. I am impressed!

  7. I can't craft anything. Good job.

  8. I would love to do a Jesse tree ornament swap! That sounds so fun. But I'd be on the Dwija side of things, not crocheting 32 awesome swords! Great job! Also thanks for giving me something delicious looking to make with my butternut squashes and cranberries. Kefir dripping on the counter now for the chutney.

  9. for what it's worth, we love your jesse tree ornament. :)

    prayers for a joyfilled Christmas & New Year!

    pax, lena (sheath of wheat)
    p.s. i'm a new follower. ;)


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