If at first you don't succeed...

Now that my energy is restored, my outlook on life is rainbows and sunshine, and my kidneys returned to their rightful location, I'm working on staying healthy.  I'm eating healthy and I'm also back to our daily walks.  Shortly after Elena was born, I started a fantastic routine of walking to our local Giant and back for a total of 3 miles.  The kids looooved getting outside early and seeing the world.  And I loved getting a chore done while getting in some exercise.  

Actually - if I'm being honest, I just love that in the stroller my kids can't touch each other, and when they are facing forward, I can't even hear them in the wind so I get some "alone time" :)

The logistics were great.  One sleepy child in back.  One alert child in front.  Done.

But you all saw what I'm working with now, right??  I'm no mathematician, but even without the exact numbers, this is a daily kamikaze mission!!!  I tried it once with Roman in his carseat in the front and it's like pushing a stretch limousine on a slanted cobblestone driveway.  It's great for mall use or general use.  

But trying to walk briskly, breathe heavily, keep the stroller moving in a straight line AND make it look effortless???  No small feat...

As luck would have it, the day after we picked this stroller up, a friend forwarded an email about a cheap triple jogging stroller.  


Not only was this stroller $65 cheaper than the first triple stroller I picked up, but it is also magical:

Look!  They're all asleep!!

Well Roman is starting to squirm a little, but he was asleep :)

Sorry about the non-existent Easter Baskets this year kids.  Mommy spent all Daddy's money on strollers...


  1. That's an awesome stroller!!! Man, that would have come in handy back in the day....

  2. Holy cow. I need a magical stroller, stat!

  3. What brand is triple jogging stroller? I am looking into buying one next spring when the baby is due. Thanks!

  4. Wondering what brand it is? Expecting twins in July and have a 2yr and 3yr old (plus 5 others lol)

    1. Here is it Angela! http://comfortfirst.com/p-140208-bebelove-triple-jogging-stroller.aspx?gclid=CNiL7d-wn7UCFWamPAodYWsAHg

  5. Wondering what brand it is? Expecting twins in July and have a 2yr and 3yr old (plus 5 others lol)

  6. This is crazy...I just did a Google image search for a triple jogging stroller. No joke, your's was about the 4th picture I clicked on, on the first page of results, and I had no idea it was you guys until the image got big, and then I recognized the kids immediately. Then I *sorta'* freaked out at the odds of this happening. Nice stroller. You may guess that yes, we're possibly in the market for one as well. Crazy, crazy small world.


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