Roman's Baptism

Last week, on April 1st, Roman was baptized!!!

Leading up to the baptism, I forgot to confer with my family to make sure they would be available to come...whoops.  However!  I did have one small, and very well-dressed 3.5 year old, and one very loud and equally as small 2 year old in attendance :)

We were actually very lucky that my little brother and his wife (who still had to get ready for the night shift at the hospital) agreed to come with their adorable twins.  Turns out that even if only one member of my family can make it, it's a party!!  

And none of us is done yet ;)

Here are some of my favorite photos of the day:

And Cari - To answer your question about this Church!  The larger church is next to this older Church and is not nearly as beautiful.  This is the parish Jason works for.  The old Church is where they have daily Mass and all three of our children have been baptized in this Church! 

This is the baptismal gown my mom made for my boys.  I forgot to ask her where it was before she passed away and I was this close to not finding it in time for the baptism!!!

Captivated during the Prayer of Exorcism

The twins were so pumped that the Church was empty!  Father Charlie didn't mind the extra noise in the least.  He made sure we knew that he didn't expect us to keep all our kids quiet.  We were outnumbered anyway!

Leo asked what Roman was wearing and instead of calling it a "gown", I told him it was his Pope Priest outfit.  

Thank you Uncle Nathan and Aunt Julie for being Roman's Godparents.  We will snap some photos of Roman with you two on our trip to Texas this summer!!!

The best part about a really small baptism... being able to fit in a normal restaurant for an after-party!!


  1. I love these pictures, Lisa! You have such a beautiful family. Congratulations on Roman's baptism!

  2. Congratulations on Roman's first Sacrament. Looks like you all had a blast. I've been praying for you all.

  3. We actually forgot to check with family when our last baby was baptized as well. We had one relative show up at the last minute too. I actually preferred it that way. We have had large ones and small ones and tiny ones also and I preferred the tiny ones the best. Puts more meaning on the actual event.

    Hey that church isn't called st John the baptist is it?? Looks similar to one we went to once when we used to live in Maryland years ago.

  4. Love it! And I'm dying of jealousy over your old church.

  5. Congratulations, Roman!
    What a beautiful day. LOVE the picture of all those babies ;)

  6. Great pictures, every one! I really like the one of Roman and Daddy. Yay for Baptisms!

  7. Daniel was baptized by Jon in the NICU so we had a public recognition of baptism on the one year anniversary. Given that Daniel was born while we were in Montana, the only family present other than Jon and I were my mom and my uncle. The public recognition was when we celebrated with family.

    (Came by to see how things were going because you don't have Quick Takes up.)


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