10 Facts about Me and My Better Half

10 Facts about Me and My Better Half
hosted by Betty Beguiles!

1) We never really had a first date.  He asked me if I wanted to go out but then never showed up.  So I went out with my girlfriends instead.  He insisted later that he was just asking if I wanted to "hang out"...I heard "go out".  Typical...So I gave him a noogie.

2) On our sort of first date (I say sort of because his 2 best friends tagged along), we got lost in the woods, our car was robbed and we were shot at.  I wrote about it here.  But we did get this awesome picture:

3) I used to work at a wedding hall and, wedding after wedding after wedding, we served chicken, pototoes and green beans.  I was so tired of it.  And I married a Texan.  So, Famous Dave's catered our wedding. 

4) We traveled through Europe together only 4 months after we started dating.  In a moment of panic, I made him promise that if he broke up with me, he would pay for me to travel through Europe again so I could get all-new photos that didn't include him!

5) Jason and my brothers "crashed" my Texan themed bachelorette party.  And I couldn't have been happier about it!!  (I'm in the crazy pink bedazzled hat holding my groom-to-be's hand.)

6) Neither of our children look anything like me, and I'm okay with it :)

Jason and Leo Halloween 2008

Jason 1982 and Elena 2010

7) There was this one time Jason won an argument.  I thought the movie had Matt Dillon but it was actually Dermot Mulroney.  He was actually right.  He wins!

8) I am a Canadian.  I applied for my passport at the same time as the requirement for all travelers to have a passport when traveling between Canada and the US.  My passport didn't arrive in time, so instead of a honeymoon in Mexico, we hopped in the car and drove to Virginia Beach.  I wouldn't have changed a thing.

9) I told him it was important to me to stay at home with my babies.  So he busts his butt every day to give us everything we need and more.  We are spoiled!!

10) Jason took me hunting a few years ago.  I actually pulled the trigger and shot the deer.  Jason has never been so proud of me!  I did it for 2 reasons: One: I knew he would eventually take our kids and I didn't want to feel left out and Two: I ate smoked deer sausage and LOVED IT!  Then I found out that it isn't cooked...it's "cured"...can't touch the stuff anymore. 

10 Facts about Me and My Better Half is being hosted over at Betty Beguiles!

If you join in - please let me know the link so I can read yours as well!!  I love this stuff!

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