The Official Month of Love

It has been a really trying couple of weeks.  Couple the fact that Leo is potty-training with the freezing temperatures outside and we are all going a bit crazy.  A few times just this past day week, I have threatened Jason that if he comes home and the kids are here alone, no need to sound the alarm.  Just calmly drive down to the local watering-hole and I'll be the one taking a nap in the corner.  I won't be drinking though.  That would just be irresponsible. 

I am proud to annouce that I never left my children alone at home.  Success!!!!

2 major milestones have happened in the past few weeks that null and void any frustrations we may have.  They February on the map as the Official Month of Love for the Gale Household.

Number 1: Elena learned how to hug.

OH!!  Get out of town with the cuteness!?!?!?!?!  She can try and throw all the toys in the potty she wants so long as she continues to give me the longest and best hugs ever.

Number 2: Leo learned to spontaneously, and for no reason at all, say "I love you" 

He usually follows up the "I love you" with a major smooch
That is payment received in full!!!

Now stop playing/having fun/watching tv/trying to climb on me and go take a nap you two.


  1. Two brilliant milestones well worth the craziness that accompanies them!

  2. So wonderful! Isn't it interesting how children with all their chaos can also create such peace in our lives?

  3. Sorry to hear that things have been rough. :( How wonderful to have these new displays of affection to help warm your heart. Baby lovies are the best!

  4. awwww i love it, and she has teeth!!


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