Frog legs and Minions

 Let me introduce you to my favorite thing ever.

Frog legs:

It is a sign of complete and utter relaxation.  (Can't decide whether to delete the word "utter"...isn't it the most awkward-looking word??  Well, so is the word "awkward" I don't like this paragraph at all...)

Leo rarely assumes frog leg position.  He is quite a spaz. Every once in a while though, his activity level is so high that there is only one thing left to do. 

His activity level had a little something to do with this:

That's right.  Wrestle-time.  At home, wrestling is limited to just Dad.  Occasionally, Elena slips in and gets injured quickly.  But usually it's just Leo and Dad.  But at Oma's house, where cousins abound, Leo has minions of all shapes and sizes.  His older cousins are at his beck and call 24/7.  They do what he wants, when he wants.  They just love him.

min·ion   /ˈmɪnyən/ [min-yuhn]

1. a servile follower or subordinate of a person in power.
2. a favored or highly regarded person.
3. a minor official.

Minion (from Wikipedia): a follower devoted to serving his master relentlessly

Leo loves his cousins.  And here is a little video that shows why ;)

Also a tip from me to you: When the superbowl comes around, do not, I repeat: do NOT order wings from Wing Stop.  I spent the first half of the Superbowl sitting in a Wing Stop with about 25 other people waiting for wings.  Longest wait?  1.5 hours.  But they insisted you only had to wait a half hour.  I didn't mind though.  I was there without the kids and made lots of new friends :)

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