ATTENTION!! This is NOT a drill!!!

For the last 2 months, when we change Leo's diaper, we ask him if he wants to pee or poop in the potty.   He always laughs and says "Nooooo..."

I proceed to tell him about all the people who use the potty.  If he knows you, we have probably discussed your usage of the potty. 

2 days ago, I told him that if he uses the potty, he gets chocolate.  Although my son may not look much like me, he is DEFINITELY his mother's son.  I had him at "chocolate"!  He ran past me, opened the bathroom door, sat on the toilet fully clothed, pretended to pee and flushed the toilet. 

I decided that was as much a sign as I needed!!!  I pulled his clothes off and left him in a shirt.  He successfully squirted in the toilet for the rest of the day...and on my floor...couch...stairs...well, you get the idea.  I still call that a success.

On top of all that, my son, who at any time of the day will randomly annouce that he needs his "pa-pa" (pacifier) just plain forgot about them.  He didn't ask for them so I hid them.  This kid usually couldn't function without them.  Now?  He has gone 3 days and 2 nights without them and I am amazed!  They are in a safe and secure place and hopefully will stay there...forever...

In order to successfully complete potty training, I made a late-night trip to Walmart to pick up all the necessary potty-training provisions. 

My toddler is officially capable of understanding:



Elena just understands that if she screams loud enough at him, he'll give her whatever she wants.  She scored a ton of chocolate this way

I used these monster tattoos to get him to sit long enough on the potty to get comfortable.  Turns out, they are pretty handy when he sits in time out too.  He has something to entertain himself while he sits and waits for the timer to beep.

It has been 2 days now.  He hasn't asked for his pa-pas.  He looked under the bed once to see if they were hiding.  When he didn't see them, he just hopped in bed and asked for a book. 

It has also been 2 days of potty-training. 

PEE: Day 1 - He would start to pee a little and then run to the potty!  I was cleaning up a lot...Day 2 - No accidents.  Peed in the potty all day.  Success!

POO: Day 1 - Never pooped...which is odd for him.  Day 2 - Waited until I was sufficiently distracted and proceeded to run around the house butt-naked while poop flew out every which way.  Disastrous!  He's a little worried about pooping in the potty.  I would prefer he have an accident than be constipated.  (Please dole out any and all advice you may have!!)

Needless to say, after chasing my son around for 2 days to make sure he understands completely what he entered into, I am exhausted.  I'm not cut out for this...

And goodnight.


  1. Haha -this is sooo funny! And, what I needed tonight! My little gal (3) has been peeing on the potty and holding poop for when we give her a pullup for bedtime. Smart! So, we finally decided NOT to do pullups or anything at night. Because I don't want to be doing that for years like some of my friends are. She has not wet the bed (4 nights) and finally today, when I think she got it that pooping in the pullup at night was not an option - she just asked to go poops on the potty! # hours later she has gone 3 times with no issue - and Daddy has made a trip to walmart for lots of treats to celebrate!
    Good luck to you!!

  2. Ahhh potty training. Be ready for one step forward, two steps back. But remember--there are no 15 year-olds walking around messing themselves.

    One thing that really helped us was the discomfort of being wet/poopy with Iris. We went to the store and let her pick out bunches of big girl panties. She got really excited about them and was more anxious to wear them and keep them dry. We put her in big girl panties and pants and let her go about her day. When she got wet or messy, she HATED it as it is a much different sensation than a diaper. This was also good for us as I didn't want to clean up after her like a new puppy. (Also, I KNEW I would miss some place she peed or pooped and smell it days later.)

    You wash more clothes in this method, but it worked for us. And chocolate worked so well for us, after Iris went #2, for months she was like, "Where is my chocolate?"

  3. OHHH! I just remembered my mom's method for potty training my brothers. She would put a small toy in the bottom of the training potty like a little plastic bug or frog or dinosaur and make it a game for them to pee on it. Maybe Leo would like peeing on some tigernoses ;).

  4. Holly - You can't even know how helpful it was to read your comment last night when I was almost thinking about throwing in the towel! Turns out we just had to wait a little longer and he would succeed! Now I just have to make sure he doesn't revert???

    Julie - We use cheerios!! Cheap and easy targets :) I just sent Jason out to buy Leo a pair of Buzz Lightyear pajamas. I think that's going to be an awesome reward. And we're taking him to Chick Fil-A tomorrow!! We're going to put underwear on him tomorrow for Church and see how that goes. I might spend Mass in the cry room to moniter him. It's all so exciting!!

  5. That is awesome! Congrats! :) I love that Elena gets her way with her older brother. So cute. And good practice for him for later hehe


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