So I do draw the line SOMEwhere!!!

I take pictures of everything.  For every picture I post, I have 10 more on my hard drive.  However, I draw the line at excrement (even that word is gross!!).

Suffice to say the Poop Fort was put to great use today!!  There are no pictures and you'll just have to take my word for it.

This potty-training whirlwind has been one of the most exhausting and stressful times in my life!!  I was prepared to start potty training when he was between 2 and 9 months and his 3rd birthday.  I was definitely NOT ready yet!  After chasing him around the first day, things got much easier.  Then I was full of worry that he would NEVER poop on the potty after chasing him through the house while he pooped the other day.  I even taught him some of the birthing techniques I learned in my Bradley Classes to help him relax!!  He watched the Wizard of Oz while blowing raspberries with his mouth to relax. 

Just when I was having tons of doubts that we started too early, it would be too scary for him, we should just throw a diaper on him so he can relax, etc., Leo spent an hour running to the potty every time he thought he needed to go.  Without any coaching from me, he did his thing.  I think I am having a harder time understanding that his little brain works just as it should.  After caring for him 100% of the time for 2 1/2 years, I just didn't see how he could grasp this concept.  I only JUST got him to stop peeing in the tub at tubby-time!

Well, he did it.  And it was magical!  And I can still barely believe it.

Now I need to focus my energies on finding ways to distract Elena while I am busy with Leo.  Apparently with all my attention on Leo the last few days, I've given her a little too much unsupervised free time.

I am so happy that I have forged potty-training territory with success.  I have a feeling I will be more laid-back and a lot more relaxed with my future children.  Or maybe not.  I'll always be a spaz.

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