Two words: Ladies Night

Here's another one: Home at 1am.  Okay so that's a lot of words, but you get the point.  One of my closest friends found herself with an empty house this weekend.  Her husband and children went to a wedding down south and she stayed home to sing Cindy Lauper songs in her underwear study for a big exam. 

A few of us got together last night for drinks at her place.  'Splain me this: Why is that when two or more women get together, the biggest topic is ALWAYS birth experiences.  I suppose it is the same for guys when they talk about the big win their football team had or the 2-door car they traded in for a 4-door sedan with child safety locks.  But our birth stories are way cooler. 

Between us, there were 9 separate birth experiences in that room.  That's a lot of ammunition for conversation.  Births weren't the only topic du jour.  We also bragged talked about our kids, our minivans (YES!), our flab, diets, extended cigarette holders and even a little commentary about childhood obesity.

Man - if my 19-year-old-self could have been there last night, it would have first laughed at me and then fallen asleep!!

It was funny enough that after I put the kids to bed, I didn't change out of my dirty shirt and sweatpants to go to her house.  It was funnier still that when I got there, almost all of us were sporting sweatpants, T-shirts and no make-up (or smeared make-up in my case).  The freedom of being in her house, sitting across from a corner stuffed with toys, and being able to turn the music up loud and laugh louder was awesome.  Everytime I laughed (and I am a LOUD laugher) I hesitated to see if I woke up the kids upstairs and immediately remembered the house was empty!

I stayed up entirely too late and indulged in one glass too many, but when this is what greets you when you wake up after a short sleep, it just seals the deal. 
I am the luckiest woman ever.
(Pictured left to right: Shovel, pacifier, water and Felix the sock monkey)
After some belgian waffle and coffee therapy, I should up and at 'em in no time. I'm just thanking the Lord that I don't have to try and study for an exam today...

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