Savings for the week - 64%

Originally, I thought I might take a break from couponing this week.  The activity level around here has been crazy with the new minivan, but I couldn't WAIT to try out my new minivan on my bags of groceries!!

Without further ado - my savings for the week!

Giant Eagle: Spent $51.77.  Saved $70.23!  (And all in one easy transaction!)

(Pictured below is the same as above, just bigger!)

Some highlights: The Carolina Rice bags were $1.00 each - FREE after $0.50 coupon!
YoCrunch Parfait 4-Pack - $0.50 each after coupons
Heluva Good Cheese - $1.00 each
Ortega Taco Seasonings - $0.33 each
Eggs - $0.77 each! (I bought three but dropped one in the store so it's in the fridge in a bag. Only 1 egg broke!)
7Up - $0.50 each (after BOGO coupon)
Ritz Munchables - $Delicious 
(Save your money and don't buy them...eating them all at once doesn't, in fact, save you any money.)

I also remembered to pick up that Parchment Paper I could have used the other day!!!

I dragged the whole crew out for a quick stop at Superfresh.  I haven't been there before, but I had coupons to get free creamer!  It was worth checking out.

Superfresh: $4.29. Saved $29.72!  (87% Savings!!)

After coupons, everything (aside from the chicken nuggets) was free!!

Dennis - Those tubes of toothpaste are extra-special just for you!!!

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