Exploring the space

The new phase Leo is in is hilarious.  He will squeeze into any and every nook, cranny and corner possible.  I have to admit - I remember those days in my youth and watching him make a fort out of every space possible is making me a little nostalgic!

Now I am having difficulty explaining to him why Elena is not a fan of crawling into confined spaces with him.  And, for that matter, myself as well.  He likes to spin in circles, just like an alligator, squealing with laughter while hitting and kicking anything in his path.  We all have the bruises and bumps from him. 

Fear grips the family when we hear Captain Destructo's door open and shut in the morning and I know he's coming into our room.  I can faintly hear the theme music to Jaws as Jason and I scramble to move Elena from the incoming tornado.  If we could, Jason and I would also seek shelter.  This kid is crazy.  He comes in sweetly, tells me a little story as I pull him up in our bed.  As soon as he sees Elena, he starts screaming "HI EL!!  HI EL!!" and tries to jump on her to give her a big hug.  We try to get him off of her as he kicks and screams.  I can't see a thing without my glasses (which he broke) so I can't protect my face/arms/legs/etc.  Once Elena is in a safe place, I assume fetal position and just start screaming for help.  Eventually, he's on the floor crying and Elena is wondering what kind of nightmare she just woke up in. 

Fast-forward 15 years and I'm going to miss this phase when it's over and his acne-ridden face is begging for the car keys, but it is good that I document this phase accurately, so I can look back realistically and not pine over days gone by.

There is a LOT of wisdom in women who set alarm clocks for 1/2 hour before their children wake up.  I am very close to joining that group...

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  1. My kids used to find the funniest places to hide/play too when they were little.

    Oh my, your little girl has the BLUEST eyes!! BEAUTIFUL!!

    Have a great weekend!


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