The Defeat of Captain Destructo

Ever since she was just a wee little one, Elena has had to constantly look over her shoulder at what might be coming.
Leo has been attacking, harrassing, jumping on, pushing, pulling, kicking, hitting, stealing pacifiers and toys, and trying to ride like a "horsie." The poor girl can't get a break.

I definitely get as frustrated as Elena.  If Leo comes anywhere near her, she immediately starts to cry anticipating the worst.  I spend the majority of my day repeating, "We don't kick babies" "Elena is not a horsie" "Leo, please give Elena her pacifier back" "Leo, stop 'hugging' Elena, that's an owie." 

I finally pulled out the old failproof plan - the Pack'N'Play!

Try though he might, Captain Destructo cannot scale the beautiful mesh wall separating him from the Beautiful Princess.

See the look of delirious joy on the face of the Beautiful Princess? 
And the look of confusion on Captain Destructo's face as he realizes he has been defeated?

BC ("Before children"), I was convinced that my children would NEVER be jailed in a Pack'N'Play.  They would experience freedom.  I was well aware that this line of thinking meant I would have to monitor them 24/7, but I, super-mom, was committed.  Well, my commitment lasted 5 months.  Turns out that reality dictates that freedom is actually found within the mesh walls. 

I suppose she wouldn't truly appreciate the freedom if she had not experienced life on the other side of the mesh wall.


  1. Oh I love this post! This is EXACTLY what Monkey is like with Sweetpea. You know I never thought of pulling out the pack'n play. Great idea!

  2. OH my gosh. "we don't kick babies."
    sorry, but that totally made me laugh. can we make t-shirts that say that?

  3. Your children are just adorable. my goodness, make my heart melt. What a sweet post, and filled with so much truth in it. I see it here in my home daycare,with the siblings..eventually it will turn the other way around though,,LOL. I find now the younger one is able to start going after the older one (wanting to play with them) and the older one starts crying out,,'help me, he won't leave me alone', LOL

  4. You are so funny!


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