Always read between the lines...and then read again for what you missed the first time

1st trip - Giant Eagle. 

I split this week up into 2 separate transactions.  First transaction was 20 yogurts, 7 jars of pasta sauce and 3 McCormick Spices

Total $31.51.  Saved $11.89. 
Nothing fantastic, but I did get 3 catalinas worth $10 for the next transaction!

Total $15.99.  Saved $46.25 - 75%!!

2nd trip to Giant Food was a "should have been" quick stop.

Total: $15.61 Saved $21.94 - 58%
(Not pictured - 2 Snickers bars I bought for Jason but my brother *ahem* borrowed...And the Cinnamon Toast Crunch is all for me.  Don't judge me.)

The trip should have been quick but it took forEVER!  I planned on participating in this General Mills deal.  You purchase any General Mills Cereal and you get a coupon for a free gallon of milk.  I had coupons in my wallet for Cinnamon Toast Crunch and some coupons for Total Cereal so I bought 2 of each.  Well, it didn't work.  The cashier called over the manager to fix the order for me.  I was still owed a gallon of milk and the cereals didn't mark down to $2.00 per box!  Turns out, I was wrong.  I didn't read between the lines.  When you are couponing, you must be soooo vigilant in figuring out how to work the deals that it is confusing.

Get this: The box of Total cereal was a 16 oz package.  WHAT???  Oh blasted.  How am I supposed to know that these two boxes, exactly the same size, have weight values that are 2 oz's different?!

The manager was awesome.  She offered to fix the whole transaction if I wanted to go back and get the cereals that were within the deal.  I ran back to grab more Cinnamon Toast Crunch (oh darn!) and got my gallon of milk and the cereals were marked down to $2.00 each :)

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