I'm a sucker for Candy Corn!

I just couldn't walk past the candy corn.  It was a dollar... 

And I heard Jason in the back of my head saying "But it's on sale for 0.67!" so I picked him up 2 Arizona Green Teas...

In the end it all cost me $8.53 and I saved $46.98.  I will submit for $3.00 in Single Check Rebates.

My ultimate total was $5.53 for everything.  That's a savings of 89% !!  Not too shabby!

It was a bit chaotic at the register today.  I reached a certain level on the "Wellness Rewards" chart so at the bottom of my receipt, a coupon for 10% off my next purchase came up.  For some reason, this 10% off coupon would not allow my Up Rewards to print out.  I had $11.00 in Up Rewards!!!  So, we had to go through the circular, find all the items with Up Rewards and they put them on a gift card for me.  It was a bit of a mess, but they are super nice and sorted it out quickly. 

Lesson learned: Always check your receipt!!!!


  1. I'm glad you checked that would have been so disappointing, I mean you would have to spend $110 to get $11 off with the 10% coupon! Just fyi, Target has something funky with their computer system and it doesn't always take off all of your coupons.

  2. wait a second. does that say "butt paste"?!?!!!
    goodness, honey there must be another way to make the kids stay put!

  3. HAHAHAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So funny!! If only that were the intended purpose. I would've bought 20 tubes!!!


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