The cow says...

On our way home from Church this morning, we passed a large farm.  The cows are not always out grazing, but this morning, they were all out there.  Jason quickly pointed out to Leo:

Jason: Leo look!!  There are all the cows!!

Leo: Eodksk Cows!!  Olwkdodcoew NEEIIIIGGGHHHHH!!!

Jason: Oh buddy, the cows say "Mooooo"

Leo: Osocshshhshheiosd NEEIIIIIGGGGHHHHH!!

Jason: Leo, the cows say "Moooooooo" and the horsie says "Neighhhhh"


The cow/horse mix-up is the only one.  He can properly make the sound of all the other animals.  Perhaps he is purposefully messing with us so that one day, when he finally attributes the correct animal sound, there will be much rejoicing in the land...or he is just confused.

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