Krusteaz - I thought it was a joke!

A few weeks ago, I found coupons in the newspaper for "Krusteaz" pancake mix.  I giggled at the name, clipped the coupon "just in case" and made a mental note that I would be throwing that one away when it expired in November.  What the heck is Krusteaz and what kind of company names their food product that anyway????  It reminds me of the movie Cars - Lightning McQueen's sponsor is "Rust-eze: Medicated Bumper Ointment - Nothing soothes a rusty bumber like Rusteaze!"

Anyway, while browsing the aisles on my trip to Target, I spotted a sale in the baking aisle:  Wait a minute, is that...Krusteaz???  Sure enough, there is a product called Krusteaz and I got them all for a dollar.  They are pretty tasty as far as packaged pancakes go.  Nothing can compete with our favorite Pancake Recipe but I'm not exactly an Up and At 'Em kind of girl in the morning, so, for the convenience, you can't beat a dollar!!

We were able to pick up all this for $17.26!  I saved $14.94! 46% Savings!

While I was off finding priceless gems like "Krusteaz", Jason was browsing the back of the store and found this:

With all the stockpiling I've baan doing, our freezer is busting at the seams.  Jason found this deep freezer in the clearance section.  We paid $110.98 and it is regularly $160.00!!  Bonus!!  Unfortunately, the plug is missing the "ground" knob, and after Jason explained to me the purpose of the grounder, we will be purchasing an $8.00 replacement.  Still a savings though!

So in total, we spent $177.26 and saved $63.96. 

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