7 Quick Takes (#53)

I am so flattered.  Cari Donaldson, author of Pope Awesome, and blogger at www.clan-donaldson.com, has completely outdone herself in the bloat Lisa's ego and make her feel all warm and bubbly inside by featuring me on her hugely popular blog.  Cari you are the sweetest.  Thank you!!  And now I am completely aware and feeling guilty for abandoning my blog for so many weeks.  But using the few brain cells I have fighting for air inside my head, I have saved a few quotes from my offspring for a rainy day.  Here are the the latest nuggets of wisdom:

Me: Leo, check this out!  It's your team soccer photo!!
Leo: Wow.  This is so cool.  But I keep looking and looking and I can't find the camera??
Me: ???Huh???
Leo: Where is the camera?  It's not attached?
Me: OH!!  Leo, this is called a "print".  We print the photo from the camera onto a piece of paper.  Then you can hold the picture in your hands.  It's magical.

Elena: Mom, I love kissing.

Me: Leo, check out your soccer trophy
Leo: Does this mean I won?!
Me: Not exactly.  This is called a "participation trophy".
Leo: So....did I win or something?
Me: You're right.  This is stupid.

Me: Roman, you are hurting me
Roman: I step on BABY!!!

Elena: The Redskins RULE and the Blueskins DROOL!!!

Leo: Mom, can I eat the seeds in the popcorn?
Me: No buddy.  The kernels will hurt your teeth.
Leo: Will it make your teeth fall out?
Me: Yup.
Leo: Then do it!  You can get money!

Homeschool for the win:
Me: Leo, Who created all the living things?
Leo: Uh...A chicken?

And please go visit Jen for more QT!!  http://www.conversiondiary.com/

(Thank you Cari for the ego boost and encouragement to blog again!!!)


  1. That's hilarious. (All of it). I especially find #5 ironic, considering the color she's wearing in the picture you put with it ;). #3 smacks of an article I just read: http://themattwalshblog.com/2014/01/23/if-i-cant-accept-you-at-your-worst-then-maybe-you-should-stop-being-so-horrible/

    Oh goodness, #1 is so sadly hilarious! My husband's New Year's resolution this year was to "take more pictures, and actually print them out." I'd almost forgotten you could actually do that :).

  2. I will keep you as featured blog of the month for the rest of my life if it keeps you blogging more often. I seriously am crying over Leo's first quote.

  3. YAYYYYYYYY!!!!! Lisa blogged!!!!!!!!

    *proceeds to whoop and holler*

  4. Hahaahahaha! I love them all, but #1 takes the cake!

  5. YAY! You better blog more often OR ELSE!!!


    Also, the person who featured you is cool. Because you are the coolest. And by association they're cool too.


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