Completed homeschool room and a DIY question?

The homeschool room is COMPLETE!!!!!  

Which means no more procrastinating and onto the real homeschooling already...Because when I get stressed, I will do almost anything to avoid the stressor.

I am so excited.  Leo and I have the kitchen table to spread out and do our work at.  The cabinet holds all of our books and other supplies.  On the left is a bookshelf with tons of fun reading.  Behind that is a red beanbag I re-stuffed.  And right under the window is the most amazing thing I have ever owned:

A wooden kids table and 3 chairs!!!

Isn't it beautiful?  I mentioned to Jason that I really wanted one for the homeschool room as a table for Roman and Elena to sit at while I teach Leo...and because they are adorable!  

Yesterday was Jason's birthday.  So what did he do?  Surprised me with a table early in the morning.  When I asked him about chairs, he grabbed the footstool from his den...

I told him that would be fine and functional for now, but that I would eventually buy chairs for the table.  He spent the entire rest of the day making chairs.  First, one perfectly crafted chair.  Then, after a trip to the store, and one more completed chair, he thought three chairs would round out the table perfectly for the three kids.  So in one day, he completed the entire table and 3 chairs!

SERIOUSLY?!?!  How much do I love this man!!!  He is like a machine.  A hard-working, sweat-don't-bother-me-none machine.  He did the entire project in our garage in the heat of the day on August 10th.  In Texas.  On his birthday.  And at the end of the day, he thanked ME for giving him the day off daily duties....???????  Whatever - I already knew I drew the awesome straw when he proposed 7 years ago.  This is just proof.  

Now here is the question.  I told Jason to check the Oops paint and pick out two complementary colors.  I was planning on painting the chairs one color, and the table the other.  And these two are PERFECT!

But then after googling images of kids table/chair sets, I noticed that the ones I love are just plain wood and no colors.  And if I paint these now, I will lose the look forever.  I could stain them with the antique stain gloss we used on the end table Jason made??

DIY Antique Stain
Or I could stain it the color of the bookshelves he made??

What do I do???  Any DIY'ers out there with a clue?  I love this table and now I am too scared to do anything to it that might ruin it forever!

I still can't believe I own a wooden table/chair set for the kids.  I am pretty sure I started scoping these out before I was even married!!


  1. What beautiful pieces! Holy cow! I'm not what you'd call a DIYer, but I like the look of the antique stain gloss for the chairs and table.

  2. I forgot to mention how much I like your homeschool area. Oh so very like. I'm in the gathering info stage of getting my brain wrapped around homeschooling. Might start with E in January, or next fall, or, I dunno. Winging it for now, and thankfully she's too young to notice yet.

  3. He is TOTALLY a machine! I wouldn't paint them because the kids are gonna scratch 'em all up and it'll make you crazy.

    What color is on your walls there? Do you know? So pretty.

  4. Bahahahaha I almost died laughing from your "avoid stresser" picture!!!

  5. first off tell him to make one more chair--you know you guys will have at least one more kid, right ? ;) and even if you don't, the kids might break one. My kids did anyway... we have had the wooden table set a few times over and my chairs always broke. Anyway, go with the wood look. Things spill and get sticky on it like glue glitter and paint etc and then you have to scrub it really hard and the paint could chip off. Just my experience. But I do love the colors you picked out for it--if you go that route.

  6. Stain em like the bookshelves!

  7. He is uber talented. I think you hit the jackpot!!

  8. Oh my goodness, what talent and what awesome table and chairs! Great schooling area. I really love this time of year when everyone posts their spaces. It gives me ideas too....which may or may not be good according to my husband. lol.

    Although the paint would be super cute, I think I would stain them like the bookshelves. As Dweej said, the kids will scratch the paint for sure and I think the stain will keep them timeless.

  9. What an awesome guy! If you're drawn to stain I would go with that (my personal fav too) and it would suit the rest of your furniture better


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