7 Quick Takes (#51)

A sweet friend took Leo and Elena for a playdate yesterday morning.  So Roman and I went to Sam's to stock up on some stuff.  As I tried to pull out of my parking spot, I realized we had a flat.  Again.  For the fourth time in 3 months...

It is 85 degrees by 10 am here.  So I did what anyone in my position would do.  I went inside to grab a soda and wait for Jason to come change the flat.  Even though I know exactly how to do it now.  Necessity breeds desire...to sit in the AC with a soda.

(According to the Internet, "necessity breeds desire" is not a saying???  Is that true?  Has anyone ever heard that or am I the only human throwing out random phrases that mean absolute bupkis to other people???)

We started with a practice round of homeschool this week.

And it's a good thing we started with a dry run first before September.  Because all the kids have done so far is color on my organizational white board, undo the organization in my homeschool cabinet,  and play the Starfall program I downloaded.

This is why I did not plan on doing unschooling.  I know absolutely nothing will get done without explicit instructions of what to do week by week!!

A google search of "Is Starfall all I need for kindergarten" gave me all the confirmation I need:

“By year’s end, all of my kindergarten 
students were reading!”

Sweet.  Kindergarten? 


I finally figured out what to do with Roman while I teach Leo.  It is just like a doghouse...for a kid.  He can read, play soccer,

eat snacks,

even take a nap in this thing.

This parenting stuff is easy.

--- 4 ---

Poor, poor third child.  All the kid wants is a reading chair.  This one belongs to his cousin and I know how much he loves it.

But the best I could do for him is throw a pillow inside a box 

or re-stuff this bean bag chair we got from my friend Kim.

I promise you kid - heaven is full of beautiful reading chairs.

Can you tell I am deliriously tired?  I was a dummy and made a batch of brownies late last night.  For freezing of course.  And eating.  And around 1:30 in the morning, I admitted defeat and thought I might as well just go for a jog to burn some energy.  But finally by 2am, the sweet relief of sleep came.

After three hours of torturing myself about eating a stupid brownie so late in the evening, you would assume that I would not make that mistake ever again.  But there are still brownies on my stovetop.  And I make no promises.


Now that I know for sure the kids will never leave the house (...ever...) because we are homeschooling, I decided to reorganize the playroom for the billionth time.  This time though, I used the photo trick.  Now the kids can clean up without my supervision!  Usually they clean up without me anyway, but nothing ever gets put in the right place.

I took photos of all the items that belong in the bin and glued the photos to the front.

And look at how well it worked!!!

Like I said.  This parenting stuff is easy!!!

Here is to hoping our inaugural homeschool year is a success! 

Isn't this how the rest of you homeschooling moms get through it???

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  1. Oh my gosh, you are just hysterical! I want alcohol more than anything right now....

  2. Love it! This resembles our homeschool in so many ways. BTW, we store most of the alcohol in the house on the top shelf in the learning room. Put like things together, right?

  3. YES! The good news is that I have been homeschooling(or unschooling at times) for about 16 years so far and am not an alcoholic. Thank you for visiting All This And Heaven. Good luck with the heat. Today I got stuck in the famous Houston Traffic during "rush" hour for the ride home (took a friend to doctors downtown today). I hate Houston traffic almost as much as I hate the heat and I am blessed to share that today I got to spend time in both!

  4. :) cute pics. love the chair.

  5. I love the shirtless homeschooling!

  6. somewhere between last post and this one Roman became a big kid. what the???


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