Lounge Pants

I spent St. Patrick's Day nursing a sore tummy. Montezuma struck with a vengeance after we went out to eat Saturday night. 

PSA: A full parking lot does not necessarily correlate to the goodness of a Mexican restaurant...

So - after a night of pain and suffering, what is better than lounge pants!!!

But after a series of unfortunate events my absolute favorite pants in the world suffered a long and painful death due to over-use. Wearing them virtually daily for 2 1/2 years turned them from this:

Into this:

There were so many holes in these pants, I was starting to think about wearing leggings under them to be decent.  Then I thought about just patching the holes, but the fabric was so threadbare in most places, it would take too long.  So I chopped them up and used them as a pattern to make a new pair of lounge pants!!

These were some seriously well-loved pants.  

Check out how well these new ones lounge!!!

Most normal people would just buy a new pair of lounge pants.  But I have two issues.  I suffer from White Man's Disease - The UnButt.  And I have a disproportionately large waist to hips ratio.  So I thought I'd rather spend my money on on a brand new pair of awesome new jeans and made homemade lounge pants instead.  No one except my unfortunate neighbors will see me in these pants anyway.  And Jason...poor husband.  

I bought a basic black jersey t-shirt fabric at the store and laid it on top of the two pant legs, pinned and sewed straight lines.  Easy enough.  But then came the waistband... 

They sat on my sewing machine for 2 weeks, unfinished, because I was so scared to sew the waistband incorrectly.  And the waistband is the most important part of the pant.  Period.  

I finally bit the bullet and sewed very slowly and carefully to get a really nice waistband!  I bought two 1-inch waistbands and sewed them along the fabric one at a time.

The end product turned out so comfortable and perfect that I didn't even have time to finish the bottoms before I started to wear them!  I'll get around to hemming them someday.

The bottom half is the outside of the band and the top half of this photo is the inside of the back band.  Sloppy, but it works!

I love them so much, I actually photographed myself wearing them.  Excuse the pregnant looking belly (sooo bloated),


  1. I have 3 favorite sweat pants with stains and holes. I keep buying new ones to look more presentable, but always end up wearing my old favorites...like I am wearing right now.

  2. Sweet pants! Get it? Sweet not sweat? Aaahhh


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