7 Quick Takes (#48)

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In which I feel like I have a "real job" outside of the home:

1) Our brand new foodclub here in town is out of control!  We had a huge foodclub drop this week - as a group we spent over $3,500 in only our second month!!!  In order to make it happen, members have to volunteer to sort all of the goods and food.  One of the food sorters came to help organize our delivery and brought her sister who was visiting from out of town.  She is studying to be a Nurse Practitioner and her husband is a lawyer.  This was her conversation with her husband after she left:

Husband: So???  How was it?!
Wife: None of them had dreads and no one was wearing Birkenstock's*!
Husband: Oh.....Really????
Wife: Yeah - it was just a bunch of completely normal moms.

(*Little does she know...)

Three cheers for hippies who wear deodorant!!!!
Etsy page

2) Aside from the general awesomeness of the foodclub and the rapid growth, I have made SO MANY new friends in this town!!  Moving can be a little scary for an introvert/homebody like myself.  But I have an actual social calendar that is filling up by the minute and I love it!!

My fears and anxieties over moving have been slowly chipped away.  At first, I met a few friends on facebook who liked knitting.  We started meeting up to knit twice a month.

One of those friends had a big dream about getting a huge farmer's market going in town.  8 months later, there are three farmer's markets about to open in May!!!  This friend is revamping the way this town shops for food - keeping it local, fresh and tasty.

3) This friend also needed some help.  The Mini-Maker Faire was coming up and the Food Coalition (Farmer's Market) had a booth.  We would be showcasing items of trash from the kitchen that had been upcycled - our booth would be called "Junk Food".  I made some upcycled tin cans:

And I made k-cup flowers!

4) But I had a backseat in this.  My friend was the driver and I was just a happy passenger looking forward to awesome food at the farmer's market.  But then I got a text from her this morning, "Can't make it to the faire today - home sick with a fever and possibly walking pneumonia."

I had to hustle to get our entire booth set up with all the homemade awesomeness - But MAN it was fun!!!

Homemade composting buckets with charcoal filters to remove odors 

T-shirt grocery bags! 

Old jars upcycled into flower vases (holding k-cup flowers!)

Milk Carton Wallets

Upcycled jelly jars and seedbombs! 

Eggshell and k-cup starter gardens

5) The Mini Maker Faire was hosted by a Discovery Place that we had been in one time, but only back to a classroom to work.  The kids desperately wanted to see the inside.  So at lunch, I ran home and scooped them up and brought them to enjoy the Faire!  When we arrived, we immediately saw this:

His name was "Andy" and Leo was so excited to meet a talking car.  

 They chased each other around the parking lot until...

Leo spotted the two ambulance drivers with the remote control and the earphone headset and figured it all out.

Watching Leo get so excited for this little remote control car just about made my life complete.  Seriously - is there anything better than the innocent joy of a child?  He didn't even notice the crowd of adults gathering around him to watch him talk to this car.  For about 10 minutes, we were all kids again.

6) The kids also finally got to see what was inside the building.  This place is a homeschooling moms DREAM!!!

7) And now I sleep.  And ignore any requests to do anything for the next several weeks.  How do moms who work outside of the home do it?!?!  

Now go visit Jen's!


  1. Here's how we do it...we get to work in a kid-free environment!! You are trying to work at home with your kids and get all the house work done, no wonder it's so hard!

  2. can you come help me make friends in my town? I still have none. Not that I can blame anyone but myself since I work 50-60 hours and then wonder why i never have time for anything

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