7 Quick Takes (#45)

I decided to use some of my free-time now that I'm limiting Facebook trolling to 2 hrs per day.  Amaaaazing what one can get done without the life being sucked out of them on the web....

1) I organized our toys and gave a bunch away.  Now we have a bin dedicated to the Potato Head!  And it's a good thing too.  Leo couldn't find anyone to play a racing game with him.  (No TV, just pretend racing.)  So he finally told me that he was going to go play a racing game with his best friend.  And when I peeked in, I saw this:

2) Leo never danced like this.  Ever.

3) Our new city is awesome.  We are involved in a couple different things here related to supporting all local businesses, farms, etc.  Right now, I am working on making upcycled T-shirt bags to hand out at the (not new) but improved Farmer's Market!

I practiced on an old t-shirt that is one my favorites from my time in Austria with Franciscan.


The shirt is so old and thin that the bag didn't work out well but I really wanted to keep it because of the art on the back!

 But I still plan on bringing my sewing machine to the farmers market to offer the free service.  Anyone who brings their old t-shirts will have an awesome bag by the time they exit the farmers market!

4) I also had one more thing to finish up for my birthday girl.  I picked up tulle and an elastic band a couple months ago at Hobby Lobby and quickly made this adorable tutu

The bright pink and white sparkly tulle looked like the perfect fabric to use...

But I spent the next half hour sweeping, washing and wiping glitter up from my floors, table, chairs...everything.  The tutu is now banished to a dark corner where she will never see it again.  And I don't feel bad at all.  I literally had to "wax" the table top using tape to pick up all the glitter that was stuck between the tiles...

5) Now that the wee one stopped fighting the squirrels for a handful of delicious acorns, we are spending a ton of time in our backyard!

6) While they play, I shuck pecans.  Remember that huge box of pecans I got in November??  Well I am JUST now getting around to it.

It's not that I'm lazy.  I AM a procrastinator.  But there is good reason.  

Is one afternoon of shelling pecans.

Day 1 on the left and Day 2 on the right.
I still have 19 lbs of these...

7) Check out my new book!!!!
I finally purchased it after wanting it forever!!  Now I get to learn how to make scrambled brain and oxtail pancakes (not really...but there are brain and tail recipes in here????)

Go visit Jen for the more timely Quick Takes!!


  1. Uhh yeah, I made a tutu for Halloween with sparkly tulle, NEVER AGAIN!

  2. Demetri Martin (comedy) calls glitter the herpes of craft supplies and I couldn't agree more, although that tutu is really cute :)

  3. That is so cool about the t-shirt bags, I was JUST adding that to my to-do list since our CSA starts this week!! Kudos to you for doing that - you don't live in MD do you??? I'd come have you make one for me :)

  4. Ana, I came to comment about the SAME thing regarding glitter. I am a theatre professor, and we have only one rule on the stage--NO GLITTER! We still have some from a show we did five years ago showing up here and there. :)

    So, dance party next time we see you?

  5. ok i have to see that dancing on video. seriously pronto ;)


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