2 weeks ago, I received a text from our new friends Rachel and Chris (parents to the freshest of babies, Gianna, born January 21st - half of the birth-story is up and I am patiently waiting for the rest!!!), and it read:
"Randomness- we have a huge recliner box that I was going to recycle, but then I remembered that boxes+childhood=awesomeness - do you want it for the kids to play in?"
Are they going to be the best parents or what?!?!  You better believe I was in the car within minutes to get that bad boy!!  Less than an hour later, we had brought it home, cut windows and doors and the kids haven't left it in 2 weeks...

It even has a doggy door for the little guy.

I took a billion photos of the kids playing in it.  Too many to bother scrolling through.  So here is your montage:

I have been so busy planning this foodclub that I am super grateful for such a great distraction for the kids!  I have been at the gym 4-5 days a week, cooking 3 squares a day (and really missing the convenience of cold cereal for breakfast!!), and spending almost the rest of my day planning and coordinating our foodclub.  Once it is up and running, it will be GLORIOUS!!  But right now, I'm a little overwhelmed.


We have also been taking full advantage of weather in the 60s!!  A little sunshine does a body good.  And we even met another neighbor! (That makes 2.  Total...MAN I miss our old neighborhood!!!)

But my most important plans this month are:

Planning birthdays!!!!!

Nothing gives me baby fever worse than a couple more birthdays...
*No I am not pregnant*


  1. Wait a second. You've been planning this foodclub, going to the GYM....and you know how to turn your photos into a gif? Who are you and how did you get these superpowers???

  2. OMG this makes my heart so happy. I would totally be all over that box with them if it was age appropriate lol. I have so many memories of making house boxes as a child! I'm glad they are loving it!


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