A little pick-me-up

I had a rough day.  I made a mistake and got called out on it by a very forthcoming girl.  I am non-confrontational and nearly had a heart attack when she let me know that what I did wasn't cool.  I didn't flaming poo her front porch or anything.  But definitely pulled an internet party-foul and apologized profusely.

I'm sensitive.  So I need to do a post about things I did right in life.

Like this:

We took the kids to a local farm for the afternoon.

They are freaked out by goats after watching me get rammed in the stomach by one the last time I went to pick up eggs....I'm a little scared of them too... 

How deliciously cute are these baby pigs???

And how deliciously large is their MOTHER?!?!  And she's loud.

Roman heard her snort and went running.

Elena had the chance to pick the egg right out of the laying box!  She was so excited she threw it into the basket :)  RIP little egg.

And even though this post was supposed to be about things I did right in life - I have to admit this one was just to funny and cruel not to include...

Okay - back to beauty

900 lbs of awesomeness

20 lbs of even more awesomness

Now that I've aired my dirty laundry, I feel a tiny bit better.  

Not about flaunting the Chick-Fil-A in front of all the chickens though...


  1. Wait, Lisa? The nicest internet lady in all the blogosphere? I must admit I'm a wee bit curious... either way I think you're the best

  2. poooooor chickens. They want you to eat moar beef!

  3. Does that mamma pig have a teat on her NECK? That's motherhood to the max! :)

  4. Seriously, again with the Elena tears? You're breaking my heart Lisa! I'm going to go beat up the person who made you feel bad, and then fly down to Texas to give you a hug (and steal Elena).

  5. what happened???
    ps- Roman is growing up way too fast for me to deal with this....and since I'm the one who's important to appease here I think you should march in there and tell him this instant to stop it.

  6. Cool farm! Don't you think it's a little insensitive to keep referring to the pigs as delicious? ;) And Elena's crying because you just told her those were the same eggs from the farm, huh?
    Keep it up, mama, you're doing so great!

  7. Oh my goodness! The picture of your little girl, obviously quite upset with someone, is too dang cute! Sorry, but it is. HI there! Just saw your blog for the first time over at the awards page. So glad to be seeing these bloggers...all amazing! God bless!


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