7 Quick Takes (#43)

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1) We survived Jason's trip away from us for 5 days.  Someone was praying for us, because the kids were angels for 5 straight days. I couldn't believe it.  If they weren't playing with their castle/dollhouse village, they were running around in costumes.

I don't even think it was a fluke!  It actually continued after he returned too.  Most of it is due to Leo being an awesome kid in general.  He is 4 and a half and acts like a big kid all the time.  Maybe all those moms who said that having more than 3 kids were onto something.  Turns out, as they get older, they DO get easier!!

2) While Jason was in England, he was talking with 2 Brits about how to cite in a bibliography.
Jason: You cite the author like this: Write Gale comma Jason period...
Brits: *Hysterical laughter*  It's called a Stop!!!  A period is what a woman has!!!

3) My kids have had runny noses and coughs for over a week now.  It started when they went to the gym daycare.  I REFUSE to let this stop me from going to the gym on the regular.  Except that it is stopping me....

I still manage to go 4-5 days a week.  But every time they sneeze I have to keep them out of the daycare.  But I haven't been sick once yet this winter!

(I'm not superstitious, but that was a stupid statement to make...)

4) I think we have officially decided to homeschool!! Shoot - I already make my own yogurt and grind my own wheat.  We have 3 small children and we call it a "good start."  I'm going to take the sewing machine to all our pants and hem them up a couple inches.  DONE!  

No but seriously - I am in need of a Kindergarten curriculum and a Preschool curriculum.  I have a couple resources that I have looked into, like pbs.org print-outs...well no, that's actually it. I have no idea what else I'm doing yet.

5) In Maryland, I belonged to the most amazing real food Co-op ever.  The women who organized it all were amazing and I miss it!!  I miss the access to all the food.  I miss grocery shopping twice a month in a friend's house.  I miss hanging out with all the families!

So I started my own in Tyler.  What the WHAT??  I have no idea what I'm doing yet, so I'm hoping for success.  But we do have a fake logo.  That I don't own the rights to.  I need to work on that.

6) I woke up freaking out the other night since we don't have folding tables to put the food out on.  What was I thinking??????

7) My complete lack of blogging is related to this:

Complete harmony

A stress-free house

Happily playing children

And a baby who almost figured out how to sleep through the night.  My method?  When Jason goes out of town, I accidentally sleep through the night without hearing my baby cry.  The next night, they always sleep through the night.  (After it happened with Roman, I remembered the same thing happened with Elena...)

Even despite the recent runny noses and coughs, we have been in production mode.  G is for Gale!  And Getting stuff done!!  (I'm going to be the best homeschooling teacher EVER!)

Thanks to the gracious Jen as always for hosting!


  1. we use a very similar method for teaching our kid to sleep through the night...cept on purpose ;)

  2. That is awesome!! Yay for setting up your own food co-op. We are a site drop for ours and I really like getting to know the people. Our kids even pray for some of them when we know someone is sick, etc!

  3. LOL! You are going to be the best teacher ever. Don't forget "P is for poop!"

    And seriously, could a woman who grinds her own wheat NOT homeschool? Is that even possible?

  4. Also, I totally just pinned your Y U No guy.

  5. Look at me! 3rd comment! No captcha! Yay!

  6. Is there anything I can do to talk you out of it? I'm too far away to slap you in the back of the head!

  7. OOOOOooOOOO I was looking into purchusing Twenty-Six Letters to Heaven. It's a sweet preschool curriculum. You could start it now. Homeschooling def changes the budget around though. Just look at the price and divide it by the number of children you have/will have and it seems more reasonable. The kids and I love when we have a "catch up on the Gales Blog day!" Sweet children and cool toys, haha.

  8. I didn't know he was 4 and a half. I thought he was like 2 LOL...I think he looks little and elena looks big to me she is 4 and he is 2... so he starts K this fall or next ?

  9. Welcome to the world of homeschoolers! I liked the Seton books for preschool and kindergarten. After that I started to mix it up a bit more, but for the beginning they have a good introduction.


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