7 Quick Takes (#42)

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1) I love dancing.  I haven't met a a dance floor I didn't love.  I can do the electric, salsa, the chicken, swing, the macarena, skank, the dougie, mosh, the cha cha slide, the truffle shuffle, but mostly just fake it 'til I make it.  I was even chosen out of many (at least 20 girls) to be in the (eerily prophetic) Deep in the Heart of Texas dance number during our high school variety show.  Naturally, zumba was a no-brainer for me, right?

Well to all of you, my "friends" (and I use that term loosely), who high-fived me on the dance floor, or gave me a winning grin and a thumbs-up to keep on moving - You got some 'SPLAINING to do!!  After years of affirmation, I discover now, at the age of 31, that I suffer from Terminal White Disease.

Zumba room: Brought to you courtesy of giganticmirrors.com...

2) Crossed off my bucket list: Making my own butter

3) I love real food.  And unrelated to the ridiculously delicious raw butter overdose this week, I'll be diving right back into Zumba tomorrow at 10.  My favorite part is freestyle.


I totally got this.  Pass me 'nother biscuit.  *I did it.  Twice now.  Twice the dancing.  Twice the embarrasment.  And twice the glory.  Zumba is awesome.

4) Roman's new favorite game.  And mine

5) A couple more things I can finally cross off my bucket list, AND, start doing on the regular:

Homemade Sourdough Bread!!!

Once I got my sourdough starter all bubbly and ready to go (in only 3 days!) the bread part was simple.

My kitchen smelled like fresh baked bread for 2 days while it was rising!!

I'm not sure if it was related, but after 2 slices of this sourdough at lunch, I had absolutely no hunger at dinnertime.  I have heard that it keeps you fuller longer, but wow.  This stuff is go-OOOD!

I used some of the leftover starter to make some sourdough pancakes for breakfast.

They were just a vessel for getting more butter in my mouth.   

And I also finally got around to making homemade yogurt for the first time!!  So easy but I was so intimidated for so long!

I really need to invest in some more jars.  Or figure out how to get the darn labels off...

6) The kids are even more excited about all the homemade food they get than I am!!!!

7) Jason left for England yesterday morning.  And since I can make a mess of the house guilt-free, I pulled out the sewing machine to finish the kids Christmas morning jammie pants.  Are we still at least within the Christmas season????

One down:

They are so painfully homemade

But I think the print makes them fun enough that I don't care how poorly they fit her!!


  1. Oh gosh, Lisa, I love you! I don't comment too much any more but I regularly read and your posts always make me smile.

    I've got a batch of crock-pot yogurt going right now. Love the stuff! If you're going to keep making it, regularly, I'd recommend 1/2 gallon Ball jars for storage. They have only a slightly larger width than a quart jar but utilize vertical space better in the fridge. I get them at Ace Hardware 'cause they don't sell 'em in grocery stores. I suppose it depends on how you make your yogurt, though; if you incubate in the jar it might not fit your pot, so nevermind, hehe.

    I wanna know how the heck you made great sourdough bread, 'cause I could never get mine to produce something that wasn't gaggingly tart. Do you use any white flour in yours? I think part of my problem was that I stubbornly insisted on using 100% whole wheat starter with 100% whole wheat flour, and would ONLY do free-form loaves (I think I should go back to sandwich bread, which might work better).

  2. I have a yogurt maker that I never use, can I send it to you? For reals. Will you use it? That butter looks divine. If I give you the yogurt maker, will you churn me some butter? I wish you lived up here, there are Zumba classes at my gym that I won't try because I dance like Carlton.

  3. Just stick the jar in a sink full of water over night. The jar and the label will separate by the next morning. The dishwasher also works well.

  4. I TRIED to make homemade yogurt a few years ago and it was an epic fail. What recipe did you use?? I need to glean your wisdom on a lot of these things...

  5. Butter looks good. I had some pretty bad bread and butter cravings when I was pregnant. Not just any kind of bread. It had to be challah bread. How random is that?

    I bought a groupon for some zumba classes and now I'm scared to go! I really wanted to join Jazzercise this year, but it seems like that's on the decline, so I had to settle for Zumba, dammit.

  6. that hair of hers is insane. i love it.
    Peanut recently learned how to play hide and seek. Except I have to seek with her because she gets scared. lol. new favorite game in our house though.


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