7 Quick Takes (#39)

1) I can't vote. It really bothers me, but when applying for citizenship was only a couple hundred dollars, I was waiting tables and lived on Ramen noodles.  When I was making enough money to spend a little, I spent it all on a wedding and starting married life. Now, the cost of applying for citizenship has skyrocketed, and we just don't have an extra $1,000+ lying around.  So, please vote.  Especially for your local delegates.

And if you are in California, please vote yes on Prop 37!!

2) I spent yesterday morning searching through the entire house for the 4 different boxes labeled "Sewing".  I finally uncovered my sewing machine and started making Elena's costume for Halloween.

3) When we were packing our old house up, I found this drawer full of brown napkins from Bed Bath and Beyond that we had received as a wedding gift from our registry.  I used them a whopping ONE time and washed them.  Then when I realized that they needed to be ironed, I threw them in a drawer and started buying paper napkins.

I was this close to tossing these napkins in a bag for Goodwill.  But, in a very dramatic back and forth in my head, decided instead to bring them along to Texas just in case I could re-purpose them into pillows, a blanket, or something else creative.

I may not have had room in the truck for my nightstand, lamps, our trash can, the treadmill or the Glider, but damnit!  I've got my once-used napkins!!!

4) Something creative:

It kinda looks like a napkin with buttons...huh...but it was modeled after this vest

And fits her pretty well for a one-night costume.

Now I have to get to work on the rest!!

5) While I was sewing the napkin with buttons above, Brooke called to chat and she asked me what the kids were going to be at the church Trunk or Treat event this weekend.  I said they would probably just pick a random costume from their stash for the 2 hour event.  She said, "Uh, I think they are supposed to be dressed like saints since it will be more of an All Saints Day celebration?"


Usually it wouldn't bother me too much.  But since my husband JUST started his new job at the church, wouldn't it be ridiculous if Skeletor and Pretty Princess were running around with all the little Mother Teresa's and Blessed John Pauls!!  

So I spent the rest of the day piecing together a St. Joseph the Carpenter and Mary costume:

I used a couple more napkins to make a carpenter's apron for Leo.  The button is my favorite part:

And I found some white fabric in the stash my mom gave me to make a dress for Elena.  The veil is just a cheap white apron with blue fabric sewed to it!

The apron

Now I just have to make a dress for Leo to wear under his carpenter apron.  Heathens no more!!!

Update: St. Joseph is done!

6) Our house is tiled throughout the living areas.  It is pretty, but so painful after walking on it all day!! So I searched for a remedy:

Then Jason picked up this sexy number...

Yelled in a warbly old woman voice: Any suggestions on comfortable (non-sweat-inducing) house shoes?? 

7) Thank you Granny and Papa for the Halloween Stickers!

They were de-LICIOUS!

I'm back to work in my old lady slippers.  Visit Jen for more takes!!


  1. I agree with you, the button is the best part!

  2. i love your costumes - they're awesome. P was going to be a bride and her bff, Ryan, from daycare her groom. I got a dress and a veil and everything. Now there's a good chance that there will be no Halloween. I may cry.

  3. I just wear flip flops year round. I sweat in slippers too.

  4. "Yelled in a warbly old woman voice: Any suggestions on comfortable (non-sweat-inducing) house shoes??"

    Yes, they are called socks.

    Elena looks freakin' incredible as Our Lady, and you are making me very jealous of your creativity and sewing skillz (nope, not misspelled just so awesome they need a z)

  5. So adorable! I can't even pick a favorite costume, I love them both so much!

  6. I found some slightly worn Sperry's at my fav thrift store (gross? used shoes? my husband thinks so) and I love them for house-wearing. We have hardwood throughout our top floor and it kills to be barefoot all day.

  7. Dude. You are so stinkin' talented! Love the napkin repurpose.

    For house shoes, I just wear flip flops in the summer and then some firm-soled slippers (sweat inducing if it's not actually cold) in the winter. Good luck!

  8. #1: I gotta ask but what is your citizenship? And yes, I voted a big Y-E-S on Prop 37 on your behalf... a few weeks ago because I *TOTALLY* knew you wanted me to do so. (I don't know that you'd like my other choices but I know you at least approve of that one.)

    #6: Flip flops. Old Navy has them for cheap.

  9. Citizenship is even better than a fancy appliance. Save up and vote next election, you've got the values that need representing!
    Awesome job on those costumes! The kids look great! We have the same napkins (different color) and we just use them wrinkly. I don't iron my husband's shirts, no way am I ironing napkins. The good part is that the more they are washed the softer they get and less wrinkly they look.

  10. Wow! YOu did a great job turning napkins into costumes!


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