Jason's first day at the new job

He finished his coffee and hot breakfast and started getting his shoes on:

The kids walked him out the door

He gave them a hug and kiss 

Got into position for them to scream "MARK. SET. GOOOO!!"

And started his walk to work.

...Halfway there...

Aaaaaand he's there.

We could get used to this commute :)


  1. That's the commute Jon has. :)

  2. What an awesome commute! With us moving to Northern VA, my husband is about to experience the DIRECT opposite, haha!

  3. wow that's impressive (and hilarious)

  4. Whoa. Sweet commute! I hope things are going well for you in Texas.

  5. I would be fighting the urge to go see him all day long. "Honey, can I just drop the kids off for an hour while I get groceries?????" Or maybe he'll be fighting the urge to run home to you all day ;)

  6. Oh, that is so nice for you!! Does he come home for lunch every day? Looks like the streets are very pedestrian-friendly too.

  7. well i guess i technically beat you since my husbands office is our house and its a few steps from the kitchen...but my commute with the kids to school is like 2 hours so it equals out somehow.


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