We are currently living in a rental property owned by the Church.  The property came partially furnished so we didn't have to do squat.  Which is great in my book.  I'm pretty lazy.  The low rent total is also kind of unbelievable.  So I hate to complain...

BUT - this house has definitely worn out its welcome.  The chairs are uncomfortable, the beds are worn-in so we all fall to the center, the kitchen items are all from Walmart and the knives couldn't pierce a rotten tomato if you hurled with all your might.  We have plans to get out and into a place of our own soon, but until then, we are just going to make it work!  (Yup.  I sang that last bit).

Possibly the worst thing about the house is how unfriendly it is to small babies.  We have this weird side table that I use for coffee, computer and camera.  My three loves.  But the other three loves keep trying to compete for attention and take over.  Mostly Roman.

If I ever hear him crying I have to come running.  He is usually perched on the lower layer of the table and stuck.  Actually, he is sitting there at this very moment trying to figure out a way down.  I hate this table.

He is also pulling himself to stand up at everything.

Which can be cute, but dangerous.

How is it then, that he hasn't had one major injury...

...and she is the one sporting a black eye?!?!

Here's to making it a couple more weeks in this house!!

Without breaking any furniture or bones!!!

I cannot wait to get my life back :)  I'd settle for a working knife in the meantime.


  1. Perhaps I'm really a 100 year old grandma in disguise but I kinda like your screen door...

    Good luck!

  2. Hahahaha! Whenever my grandma came to visit us from Florida, she'd stay two months and get a furnished apartment for the duration. I swear to you, the furniture you're living with are all exact copies of the lovely pieces she'd have in her temporary homes.
    Including the end table.

  3. Leo and Roman are twins (3 years apart) that picture of just the two of them is uncanny!!

  4. Oh my gosh. Big move. No booze. CRAPPY MATTRESS. You need a break, girl.

  5. Roman is way too young to be performing those tricks already - you're in trouble! I love Elena's pigtails, so cute. Here's to finding a new house for you STAT!

  6. Does he get it rolling all around the house with those wheels on it??

    I feel for you. We have lived in two too many places like that over the years. Try to look at it as character building ;)

  7. If that table is at least wood, you'd ought to knock on it with those comments about no injuries! :) I swear by Rachel Ray knives, I hope you get some and your own home very soon!

  8. omg that place would give me a heart attack. I hope you all make it out alive (and with no more black eyes).


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