Jumping the last hurdle

We FINALLY made the 1400 mile journey from DC to Tyler!!

 and we are settled into our furnished rental!  It is a cute little duplex directly across from the Cathedral Jason works at and right smack-dab in the center of the city.

We are slowly getting things put together and spending time with our friends down here.  I even cooked a real dinner tonight.  The last two weeks were ridiculously long and painful, filled with long days and even longer nights.  There were many moments I was convinced we would not survive through to the next morning.  I am SO glad it is over!

Now it is time to unwind and GET MESSY!!!!!!


  1. That is so amazing that you're living right across from the Cathedral! Lots of great time can be spent together ... and no cost for the commute to work!

  2. Oh that must feel GOOD! To just dump everything out...and not have to pick it up to put it back in the dang car the next day.

  3. yay! do i still need to send wine?


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