7 Quick Takes (#33)

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1) WE SOLD OUR HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We received an offer on the house on Jason's birthday.  We had to deal with the negotiations, inspection and general nervousness that she could back out.  But we met her the other day and it looks like she loves the house and is definitely going through with it.  Closing is set for September 21st.  Thank you Saint Joseph!!!


2) HOLY CRAP WE SOLD OUR HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Okay just kidding.  I'll do a real one.  Elena drew a portrait of me :)

Look at my legs!!!  Damn I'm good looking.


3) Move over Clark Kent.  There is a new superhero duo in town.

By Day:

Ordinary citizens just like you and me.

Just trying to blend in as upstanding members of the community


By night: The White Collar IRA Marauders!
Check your balance :)


4)  Oy! My kids...They received only ONE trait from me.  Toe-walking.

I told my Uncle Ray and his advice was to tape their feet now :)  

They are not the only MacDougall's to walk on their toes.  It runs in the family.

Their heels just never...

...touch the floor!!

Well at least I don't need to invest in high-waters and braces.  Between this blog and toe-walking, my kids will never get a date.  Homeschooling here we come!  


5) Texas has no idea what is about to hit...Less than 2 weeks until we leave!! 

(Thank you Uncle Ray for this family photo + one adorable dog!)


6) Love these kids.  

Loved our first date night in over a year almost as much.  Maayyyyybe more??


7) We recently made a submission to People of Walmart (um...how to say this?  Not a productive use of your time and definitely disturbing and graphic).  You are welcome.

I can't wait to get back to normal and start coming up with blogposts more often.  Until then, it's the 7 Quick Takes for me.  Thank you to Jen for hosting!!


  1. Hurry up and get down here! Then you can make submissions to "people of walmart" at least once a week! I guarentee it! ;)

  2. You are amazing! Congratulations on selling your house and good luck on your big move!! :)

  3. Shoot! We need to have you and the fam over before you leave! Love the toe walking. that is pretty adorable. (Michelle G.)

  4. Congratulations!!!! Can't wait to see the NEW house :D

  5. Yay on selling the house!

    I love PeopleofWalmart though I am terrified of ending up on there in my sweats.

  6. Yay!!! I'm so glad to hear the great news!!

  7. Woot-woot!!! Did you like my feigned excitement because I already expressed my REAL excitement when you told me IN PERSON?!?!?!? Oh man, I'm going to miss you, but thank God I can follow you on your blog!


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