7 Quick Takes (#32)

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1) It only took us a month, but we finally got around to starting our novena to St. Joseph for the quick sale of our home.  St. Joseph, perhaps a bit annoyed that we had taken so long to ask for his intercession, thought he would play a little joke on us.  

Day 1 of the novena: Within an hour of saying the prayer, I get a text message from my brother "Check your email asap.  Offer is in!"  I freaked out.  I jumped to my feet, ran to the computer (just kidding.  I don't run. I walked rapidly), and saw that indeed we DID get a cash offer!  But not on our house.  It was an offer for my mom's house which basically went on the market that day.

Day 2 of the novena: We include our address in the petition.

Day 3 of the novena: We were told that we are in the #1 slot on a shortlist

Day 4 of the novena: We are told we will be getting an offer with in a day or two.

It is a possibility that we might receive an offer today on Jason's 30th birthday!

Happy Birthday babe!!!!!


2) We received this awesome feedback from a realtor this week:

7. Additional Comments

the lack of a 2nd bath upstairs disqualifies it from my buyer's search. it shows well for all those children (this coming from a father of 5)

Well thank you Christopher.  Expect your invoice in the mail for the future therapy bills from my children.  Who knows what kind of damage we are doing to them by enforcing cleanliness and perfection all the time???  Hitler had an uptight mom you know...


3) Speaking of Mom of the Year, I take the award by a landslide.  I decide to join Jason and his Youth Group on their annual Hershey Park trip.  We have to stage the house and be out of it by 8:30.  In the morning...  By the time we finally get in the car to meet Jason on the highway and caravan to Heshey, PA, Leo announces that he doesn't feel good and his tummy hurts.

I lovingly responded:

He had been fine all morning but woke up super early.  I thought his tummy hurt because of the painfully early wake up call.  I didn't have a clue where we were going and didn't have my GPS.  I had to join the minivan caravan on the highway or skip the Park.  So I hit the gas.

After 2 hours on the road, half of which was spent trying to calm Roman down from the drivers seat, and the other half spent imagining how nice and peaceful it was in the vans full of non-screaming teens, we arrived and felt a blazing hot forehead.  

Leo had a full-on fever.

The only option was to stay at the Park.  There is NO WAY Roman was going to make it 2 hours in the car.

Leo tried his best to enjoy a ride or two.  But just couldn't do it.

Elena, on the other hand:

Had the absolute time of her life!!!

Have you ever tried to carry three children up and down amphitheater steps while strangers gawk at your triple stroller?????  Yeah...

We arrived home to find that Leo had a fever of 103.1.  I gave him the remote and a spoonful of cod liver oil.  He woke up in the morning feeling completely fine!


4) Elena and I played Toddlers and Tiaras yesterday

And then I googled Nuns with Habits and reserved her spot for Spring 2028...


5) Woody got hungry the other day:

So she nursed him on her elbow

I drew the line when she tried to nurse Roman...

But let her change Leo's stinky diaper :)


6) My boys

7) To keep him up-to-date with his milestones, we solicited the help of an expert to teach Roman:

Aside from being ridiculously adorable and hypnotizing to watch, the Inchworm lesson paid off in full.


Thank you to Jen for hosting and have a fantastic weekend!!!


  1. omg your life! I can't believe how much fun you guys are having when I'm sitting here complaining of being too busy stressed with one kid ;) hehe

  2. You took little three kids (and one feverish to boot?) to Hershey Park? After staging a house? All before 8:30? Forgetaboutit. Go ahead and cash it in now, Lisa, since you've earned the straight to heaven pass with that one. I'm in awe.

  3. Where do I even begin? This was my favorite quick takes of yours ever! Thanks for the reminder to get on the St. Joseph Novena bandwagon, gonna get that one done over vacation. Which reminds me....we're Heeeere!! Need a place to come play so you can get out of your house?????

  4. #3: I'm twitching at the thought of cod liver oil. Then again, you're the one who finally solved the problem of my mutant death cough so I might want to listen.

  5. Laughed throughout this one... Especially at the I don't run comment lol that's me too.

    We went to Hershey last year. Loved it.

    Too funny pic of poor Leo and a barf bag.. That would be my kids too... Someone is always sick in the car.

  6. Too funny! Hope your house sells soon . . . .I am soooo bad when it comes to novenas. Poor Leo!! What a way to spend yoru time at Hershey park!


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