Almost there!!

The finish line is in sight!!!!

Our house is 2 touch-ups and a toy pick-up away from being listed!  We have worked every day for a week and a half straight to get the house in perfect shape to sell.  It's a free for all around here!  I have been so busy that I will find the kids passed out at random times in random spots of the house.

Our area was hit by a huge and damaging storm a few days ago.  Possibly the best feature of our house is underground power lines.  We never lose power!!!!

My sister always loses power and is always the last to have her power restored.  So I picked up a few nephews and a niece to save them from the heat!  But we made them work for it...

It wasn't all work though :)

Unfortunately, the real work starts now!!  I have to keep this house in perfect condition from today until the day it sells.

I am praying hard that it :)

We have had so much help from friends and family that I am flabbergasted that people try to do this kind of thing alone.  Military families??  How do you do it???


Update: IT IS LISTED!!!!!


  1. Good luck! Your pictures look awesome! Praying you gets lots of offers soon :)

  2. Your house looks gorgeous!!! I think you will find a buyer really fast.

  3. we always have church housing but it was an air force wife who taught me to pack. i just recruit as many people as possible to help.

  4. Oh my gosh- totally lovely. It'll sell quickly for sure!

  5. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!! It looks gorgeous


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