The Boot Mug

There aren't many things in life Jason and I take too seriously.  We take our faith seriously.  We take our jobs seriously.  Aaaaaannnnndddd that's about it.  Everything else is fun and games.  Even our wedding wasn't all that serious.  The ceremony was fantastic and formal complete with more altar servers than members of the wedding party.  But the reception was just a big party with 3 kegs of homebrew from the brew pub I used to work at and tons of bottles of wine.  Jason and I were working within a strict budget and found the perfect way to combine practical with awesome.

The Boot Mug

We didn't have money to furnish the entire church hall with lots of different drinking vessel options so we just kept it classy and easy.

If you were thirsty, you grabbed a boot mug!!

which was fine with all of our guests!

Just Plain Awesome :)

Yesterday, Jason and I celebrated 5 years of wedded bliss.  For our 5th anniversary, Jason picked up 2 replacements for our plastic boot mug favors (which are now tubby-time toys).  

Glass Boot Mugs straight from Texas!! 

The proper usage for such a mug: 


A very Happy Anniversary AND Father's Day to my fantastic husband


  1. I wish we had been as awesome as you guys at our reception! Although I do think we had a little "I like big butts" from the DJ. Possibly.

  2. I love it! Wasn't there something in Austria with a big boot? I don't remember.

    and ---- more important -- are the limeritas good? I saw Simon eying them at the store the other day -- maybe a belated Father's day gift because I'm nice and forgetful like that.


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